Why do a Door Lock Replacement Instead of Rekeying?

A new door lock replacement can help keep our valuables and family safe from intruders. Nobody needs to feel afraid at home. We consider a house without effective security deterrents unsafe for anyone to live, especially homeowners with kids. New sturdy locks on your front and back residential doors give you confidence when you are away from your home. Also, even when your home, sleeping or relaxing in the patio.

However, how frequently do you change your home locks?  If you’re confused about when to replace your home locks instead of rekeying them, you are not the only one. While rekeying might be cheaper and less hassle for the average homeowner, sometimes hiring an Orlando locksmith to replace the locks is a better option.

You lost your keys

Sadly, homeowners losing their keys happens all the time. Even when you have a spare key, you can’t feel insecure, since you still need to ensure that someone who finds your keys doesn’t enter your home. Therefore, changing the locks when you lose your keys can give you the peace of mind you require to sleep at night.

Having your keys stolen is a significantly more dangerous situation than losing them. With lost keys, it’s difficult to know if you’re in critical danger. But, with stolen keys, you know a criminal can use them for a break-in. So if someone has taken your key, the best thing is to change your locks right away.

New Door Lock Replacement When Moving Into a New Home

New door lock replacement

When you move into a home, you don’t know how many keys the past owner made and gave out. Many people also give spare keys to friends or relatives and afterward forget to gather them when they move.

If the past owner didn’t collect those keys, it’s impossible to tell who may have a key to your new home. Security needs to be your main concern, and changing the locks will assist you with having total serenity.

Locks Aren’t Working Correctly

Like anything made of metal, door locks won’t last forever because of the daily wear and tear. Eventually, they will fail. Possibly, the key will stick in the lock and you must force it to turn. You may also need to wiggle the key a tad before the tumbler will work appropriately.

When that occurs, the issue won’t get better. Also, you can bend the key if you keep trying to force it into the lock. The key could likewise break completely. Instead of worrying over a lockout, replace the lock.

Experienced a burglary or attempted burglary

Burglar attempting to break-in

If you experienced a break-in or attempted break-in, you need to replace your locks with high-security ones. Those thieves could have made copies of your keys and have entry to your residential locks, again.

Plus, during a burglary, burglars may have damaged your locks that could cause a future lockout and malfunction.

You want convenience

It’s a smart idea to change your locks just to make life more convenient. If you have many house keys for different doors, it’s difficult to find the correct key for every door lock, particularly in the dark. Having one key that opens all the doors makes things easier, plus you don’t need to bring all those bulky sets of keys anymore.

You can do this through key control but there’s another option, keyless entry system. A keyless entry system permits you to enter your home with your smartphone, fingerprint or in another way.

Upgrade to High-Security Locks

New door lock installation

If you don’t trust the amount of security your current locks give, the best way to fix the issue is to reach out to an expert locksmith in Orlando and have them upgrade your locks to high-security locks. This idea is superior to waiting around and stressing over your family being vulnerable against home invaders.

Yes, this is smart to do every couple of years, even if your locks have had no issues. Why? Because old locks eventually become outdated and modern models will use better security technology. To protect your family and assets, stay up to date with the recent options.


Replacing your door locks with a better model when you feel unsafe is the best solution for home security. It gives you the lifespan of the new and improved product and the assurance that it will prevent a burglar attack.

However, a DIY project cannot ensure a satisfactory job, so allow a professional to do it right from the beginning until the end. A lot is riding on this door lock replacement, so contact an Orlando Locksmith expert.

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