Types of Safes Used For Business and Home

Orlando Locksmith realizes safes are an essential part of any business or home. They can keep documents and valuables protected. But also the ability to keep them secure from for instance, (burglars, floods, fires, or some other extremely terrible event).Vaults are also considered safes but for now, let’s talk only about these business devices.

There are many types of safes; however, the two major kinds are for business use, and for home usage. Inside of these classifications, there are many contrasts among the safes and the kind of protection they give. Locksmith Orlando will show you the different sorts of business safes and then the home type:



A noteworthy classification comprises of those who give security against burglary. The locks on these safes prevent thieves from lock-picking the lock. High confidentially documents require exceptional security, so it needs an anti-lock picking safe.

But not only does it store documents but some business needs to protect their paper money as well. It’s stressful to have something that needs protection just laying around for someone to take quickly. So, it liberates owners from stressful situations like company theft.


Another sort of business safes shields valuables from fire. Quite often, these have the additional protection of secure locks. There also have distinct phases of fire protection, similarly as there are several stages of bolts. Most documents wind up destroyed at 450°F, and most flames burn at 1300°F.

So, papers require more security if a fire erupts in the workplace. These fire safes can keep the temperature inside around 350°F for some time. The safes give the fire protection of (30 minutes, 60 minutes, 120 minutes or more). Usually, more than enough time for the fire rescue to come and save the day.

Depository Safes


More often many businesses deal with a lot of money. Nevertheless, a few trades, for example, restaurants and jewelry store have a lot of cash in their proprietorship every day. For these businesses, store safes are a vital safety effort. Mostly, these safes get fixed safely to the floor, instead of the mobile home safes.

The security that depository safes give is dependable and helpful during the business day, however, don’t keep cash overnight. Instead, take the money out and deposit it to a bank. These devices don’t offer fire insurance as well.

The other principle class are home safes and also have three essential types


Some vaults got manufacture for fire protection. Then the other to fight off burglars, and those intended for both robbery and fire protection. The security given by heatproof safes can be significant to families. They protect family treasures, jewelry, and irreplaceable family heirlooms. Fire resistant safes keep valuables unharmed by staying within the safe low-temperature specs as specified above with business safes.

Burglar/Fire safes are meant to provide the best of both universes. For instance, it brings significantly more massive metal doors and body than a fire resistant safe. They mostly have a Group II combination lock which could stop a shrewd thief. Check for both burglar and fire rating when obtaining one of these wonders.

Even though fire resistant safes have secure bolts on them, but burglary type gives much more noteworthy security. Also, there are distinctive grades of locks. A portion of locks found on fire-resistant safes is simple for cutting-edge criminals to pick. However, locks on most burglary safe or burglar/fire safes will test even a skilled robbers. It said that criminals will get discouraged by the security of these locks. And will then choose to leave the place without taking anything profitable.



Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is the organization that tests most of these safes products. They perform rough testing, making them the most significant testing entity on the planet. Their rating system begins at Class 125 which is the most well-known for these products up to a cutting-edge Class TXTL-60 which withstand high explosives. So for this one make sure that you don’t get locked out of your safe.

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  1. Thanks for helping me learn more about different types of safes that are used. It’s interesting to learn that depository safes can be fixed to the floor. I’m interested to learn if a safe could be fixed to a spot in a home or if it’s only recommended if someone wants to stay there for many years.

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