Entry Door Lock Manipulation Techniques That Burglas Use to Break-in

As Locksmith in Orlando experts, we know burglars may try a method to gain access usually through a entry door lock manipulation technique.The clearest sign they have manipulated your lock is noticeable dents and scratches around the keyhole.

Remember that if the break-in was ineffective during the first try, the criminal will come more prepared the second time. Therefore, knowing some indications of a potential break-in can assist you in better dealing with these circumstances later on.

Allow our locksmith Orlando team to show you what to look for.

Scratches can mean entry door lock manipulation

locksmith picking a lock

Wear and tear are normal for locks which see a lot of usages. However, scratches and deep cuts close to the edges of the lock might be signs of an intrusion.

If your deadbolt lock looks out of place or has scratches along the keyhole, then lock picking seems like the culprit. Scratches might be a sign that someone has tried to lock picked the lock.

Lock picking or the pickers try to manipulate the tumblers of the lock device to open the entryway without the original key. This is complete by using many other tools.

Among these tools, picks and screwdrivers with sharp points can frequently press along the edges of the door lock. This method can show shiny metal scratches on its surface and major clue that indicates someone has tampered with the lock.

An excellent solution for lock picking issues is to replace your traditional door locks with smart locks. They offer more protection against lock picking and lock bumping techniques by eliminating the requirement for a key. If you rather have a traditional lock then opt for a high-security lock with anti-pick and anti-bump features.

The lock doesn’t work correctly

If the lock doesn’t have any noticeable indications of damage, you may see something odd when the key turns. This could be a sign that someone tried to manipulate the lock particularly when the lock was working correctly before.

A faulty key can mean lock bumping and snapping, burglars usually use these strategies to break through locks. Bumping uses a special key that fits inside the lock and afterward by hitting it with a blunt device like a hammer forces the tumblers to release.

Snapping a lock is a significantly less complex technique, where the criminal uses a hammer with a tool that can hold the protruding part of the lock. They do this to break the lock, rendering its security useless.

Lock snapping commonly happens in locks that match the Euro Cylinder profile, normally found in uPVC entryways.

Damaged Lock

damaged door lock

Brute force will damage locks and the entire door. Therefore, this is the fastest and messiest type of break-in. Frequently a criminal will attempt to bash in a lock, drill through a deadbolt, or kick down an entryway, leaving bent metal and broken wood everywhere. There are other approaches to force through a lock but you can also look for some of these indications below of unnatural wear.

Top indications of brute force:

  • Paint circles from lock commotion (loosened and re-tightened or out of place)
  • Bent deadbolts or latches
  • Warped doors/doorframes
  • Drill points or drill scratches

Brute force leaves destruction that can leave a homeowner with the setback of a break-in but also with the cost of fixing a door lock and equipment to prevent another attack.

This circumstance can cause a lot of pain so get true serenity by installing CCTV surveillance cameras. They are perfect for monitoring the premises and work superbly at deterring criminals from attempting a burglary. But, make sure to point the cameras at the exterior doors and that they’re visible too.

Entry door lock manipulation prevention tips

Since now you know the signs of an attempted break-in, you can think about some options for rectifying the issue. Probably the most ideal approach to dealing with lock manipulation is to upgrade to an electronic or smart lock, which relies little on tumblers and pins.

You can likewise use a sliding bolt or a device that stops people from turning a deadbolt much after they open it. Also, buy a high-security lock with high metal content and many features that prevent brute force attacks besides adding a sturdy metal door plate.

Locksmith Orlando has the solution!

entry door lock manipulation prevention tips

So, do you want to risk a second round? The Orlando locksmith team is here to assist you with keeping your home and family protected from entry door lock manipulation techniques. Are you looking to install a security system or mount a high-security lock?

We’re here to help you with finding the best items and the right solutions. We have many years of experience in home security with positive client satisfaction.

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