The dangers of bumping for the safety of our home

Throughout all these years the bumping method has been a technique widely used by professionals in the sector for the opening of all types of doors. Ideal to provide 24-hour emergency locksmith services, it allowed solving any problem from very few tools and the skill of expert hands. A professional locksmith in Orlando is a must when you have a problem with a lock or a key. Also, the use of this method avoided damaging the opening mechanism and did not leave any type of mark. However, the use of this technique is increasingly worrying business owners and neighbors. Locksmiths in Orlando had been attending cases of bumping more frequently lately. And the fact is that the bumping method has become another tool for criminal gangs to try to violate the security of our homes. However, before going deeper into this topic, we will try to inform you about the operation of this technique.

What is bumping?

Bumping method consists in making a hit to the pistons through a key that has been manipulated for this type of work. In this way, the shaking of the disks through a dry blow causes the displacement of the pistons during a brief period. locksmith in Orlando However, this short period is more than enough for cheap locksmiths 24 hours, and other professionals in the sector turn the key and get open the door. In the wrong hands, this method of the opening can pose a real threat to the security of our home. We are about to inform you about how popular this technique is and what we can do to protect ourselves.

Problems that bumping can cause

The main problem about bumping is that the vast majority of cylinders that are currently installed in USA are highly susceptible to be harmed by this technique. In this sense, several studies calculate that around 90% of the European profile cylinders do not have protection measures in this regard. Reliable locksmiths in Orlando, Fl will help you with high quality service in this manner. As if this were not enough, nowadays any user can access the necessary information to practice this technique on their own, being able to find on the web a multitude of instructions and manuals, as well as detailed explanatory videos. On the other hand, as we indicated earlier, the use of this method leaves no trace that could give the alarm in the neighborhood during our absence. For this reason, it is one of the most used techniques during the summer season to steal homes and developments throughout the country. This not only puts the integrity of our house at risk, but it could hinder our ability to negotiate when it comes to hiring home insurance, especially if we have already suffered a theft of this type in the past. Luckily, there are solutions in the market to counteract these types of techniques and provide the extra protection we need. To do this, we must always place our trust in a professional in the sector such as an Orlando locksmith, requesting the necessary advice to make the best decision.

What can we do to prevent it?

Requesting a personalized profile key is one of the best options that our local locksmith could give us due to its effectiveness and the excellent price-quality ratio. Usually, the buildings have a specific model of bulbs for all homes. If a thief has a key manipulated for this type of lock, he could easily enter each house of the building through the bumping method. Among the profiles most affected by this technique are the serreta keys, the flat keys, and the regatta models. To avoid this, a personalized profile key from a patented brand would provide us with a differentiating element that would serve as protection against thieves. protection measures On the other hand, the key profiles with which it is not possible to perform the dumping technique are cruciform, pomp or tubular design keys. If you were thinking about installing high-security locks, it is essential to make sure beforehand if they are prepared with antibumping systems and opt for brands of locks of recognized prestige in the sector. And it is that in the sector there is a wide variety of locks that do not have these protective measures, being able to take us a surprise if we do not give it the importance it requires. As we have indicated before, the best thing we can do in this type of situation is to place our trust in a professional locksmith. Because guaranteeing security in our home is priceless.

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