Home Safe Installations-Best Places to Install your Burglar-safe

Home safe installation by Local Lock LLC

Home safe installations should be hidden from people’s view and away from easy access to an undesirable person. So, where do you install a safe in your home? I recommend installing the safe to the wall or floor and always anchored. The wall needs to be external and the floor preferably concrete. However, be cautious if you install an electronic safe in a laundry room, garage or basement. Humidity is high and the electronic lock won’t work correctly or efficiently.

Try not to hide your safe excessively since you will stop using it and leave your valuables in an insecure spot like your cupboard. This isn’t what you need in case of a break-in. Also, consider having two safes. One that hides up your most significant valuables and the other one that opens more volume things (paper, electronics, files, etc.) Usually, floor safe installations and wall safes are the most common installation but I’ll show you many alternatives below

On a shelf or furniture against a wall

Home safe installations

Perhaps the best spot I recommend is on a shelf against a concrete wall. Because of the shelf, the burglar safe will rest easy to give simple access. You won’t need to bend down to use it. You will anchor the safe into the concrete wall so a burglar can take it effortlessly.

And if you put it inside furniture, against a wall, you will have a few favorable advantages. Your safe will be tall enough for you to open and concealed when the door of the furniture is closed. You can also anchor it into the wall for security. However, remember you should make a hole in the back of the furniture for the safe to lay directly on the wall. Or the screws should penetrate the wood and into the wall to give adequate security.

Anchored to the floor

If you have a large safe and you don’t have a concrete wall, then definitely leave you’re safe on the floor and anchor it there. Your safe will be protected and accessible, but you will have to lean down to open the entryway.

This won’t work with little safes. On the floor, the safe won’t look hidden. You can use it as a shelf and put something over it and in front it to conceal if you need more concealing.

Use a wall for proper home safe installations

small wall safe installation

If your safe isn’t deep enough, you can install it in a wall. The wall must be thick enough, though. It is difficult to do, and I recommend asking a home safe installation expert.

The hole must be large enough since the concrete will apply pressure on the safe and you will find the safe difficult to open if not done appropriately. An embedded safe will give a few favorable advantages: more security, simple to access, and easy to hide.

Inconvenient: you have to have a thick sturdy wall and an expert to install the safe. If your safe doesn’t work correctly, it will be considerably more difficult to service or change. If you don’t anchor it to a strong wall, the burglar can take the safe by detaching the first bricks row to the second row.

Hidden in the floor

If you have a small save, one approach to install it is on the floor. However, the floor can’t be wood. If the floor is concrete or cement, this is a decent spot to insert a safe since it’s straightforward to hide.

But there some disadvantages: an expert needs to install it, difficult to access for maintenance, water or dust can go inside the safe, and damage lock.

Inside a cabinet

Black burglar safe

A simple place to install a safe and use it: inside a cabinet. You think that it’s straightforward to install alone. However, allow a professional to do the job for you. You can anchor the safe to the wood of the cabinet. The safe will be straightforward to access and simple to hide, but security won’t be at its best.

Wood isn’t robust enough and a thief can remove the safe if he/she has the right tools and enough time. This is a spot you can use to protect moderately significant stuff you need to access every day, where danger isn’t high. Remember criminals have just a few minutes to remove the safe.

In the garage

The garage has a few advantages and disadvantages:

It is straightforward to access the safe because you park your vehicle there always or because you store things you need all the time. There are also shelves on which you can store your safe at a helpful height; you can easily conceal the safe.

I won’t go into details since burglars can read these tips to so contact our Orlando locksmith for secret home safe installations placement recommendations.

The disadvantages: not all garages have humidity issues, but some do because there, not a climate-controlled room. Also, your safe shouldn’t be visible from the street or garage each time you open your door to take your vehicle out.

Residential Locksmith in Orlando Will Secure your Home from Burglars

Residential Locksmith in Orlando Helping Secure your Home

Residential locksmith Orlando experts can help homeowner’s prevent a break-in and live a not so complicated life. If you own a home or you lease, knowing that you’ve protected your house is something essential for everyday life. Regrettably, people haven’t perfected or know how to do this on their own. It’s ok, we can help you with all matters that relate to securing your home.

This post seeks to help you properly secure your home from burglars. To do this, our locksmith Orlando, FL, will provide some tips to better secure your home. Don’t, worry about losing keys, being locked out or even if someone tries to bypass your normal deterrents. Our expert locksmith in Orlando tips will have you secured all year long.

Residential locksmith in Orlando recommend using deadbolt locks

Medeco high-security double-deadbolt lock

Using deadbolts locks tops the list of trusted locksmith regarding securing homes. Why using deadbolts is significant to your property? Unlike regular door handles, deadbolts offer more security. This defense can stop thieves trying to take your things or an intruder looking to enter your home without permission. Regular doorknobs don’t give your home the protection it merits.

If you use a regular lock, anybody can figure out how to break into your home since it’s straightforward. Deadbolts offer protection against many forced entry techniques burglars use today to enter homes. If you talk with a reliable locksmith, they will tell you that deadbolts are the best way to protect your property. However, when using deadbolts, when you install a double cylinder deadbolt make sure to keep a key nearby in case of an emergency.

Keep Keys Hidden

An error that many people do regarding home security is keeping keys in areas where anyone can see them. Usually, leaving your keys in an open area tempts thieves to burglarize your home. Often, this can happen even if they had no intention of stealing from your property.

Burglars usually take the key because it’s straightforward to find it. They will take the keys when you are not home, enter your house and take your stuff. They can even steal your car if you paired both the house key and car key.

If it’s challenging to find a perfect place to put your key, consider using a desk or at least dark curtains or tints on your windows. This can conceal the keys from snooping individuals who peer into windows.

Rekeying For Residential locksmith

Residential locksmith in Orlando Rekeying a Lock

Another significant tip regarding homes security is rekeying. However, very few individuals know what rekeying is, actually. Well, rekeying is changing old lock pins with new ones and you get new keys preventing the old keys from working. You get a good set of new lock pins with any rekeying work. The way of changing old lock pins is significant in various instances.

For example, if you moved to another home we recommend that you rekey your locks. Besides, consider rekeying if you experience a lockout of your home and had to gain entrance using a bypass technique. We also recommend rekeying homes with locks that someone compromised.

Double Cylinder Locks

Double cylinder locks are critical for securing your home. It is more obvious if you live in a home where the door is next to a window. Why? Well, if you live in a home where the door is near the window, an intruder can easily access your home by breaking the window glass and opening your door by turning your knob.

However, with double cylinder locks, the lock can only open using keys. So, even if an intruder breaks a window, they can’t enter your home effectively.

Residential locksmith in Orlando suggest locking windows and doors

Locking windows and doors

Locking windows and doors is something logical. Ok, I know what you are thinking, locking doors is not a good tip. However, the number of people that don’t lock their windows or doors when leaving their homes for work or errand will surprise you. Also, they’re some who lock their windows and doors yet fail to do it accurately.

Always ensure that you properly lock your home before leaving even for a few minutes. Why is locking doors such a significant recommendation? Because burglar stats agree with locking doors, according to Protect Your Home 34% of burglars twist the front doorknob and walk right in. So, please lock your doors and windows.

A Burglar-proof Door Lock Installation to Prevent Burglar Attacks

door lock replacement services

A burglar-proof door lock installation can be a significant part of a home’s physical security measures, but not everyone takes advantage of them. In many offices and homes, your doors and locks are the main deterrents of a burglar’s attacks.

Once burglars bypass your door lock they will have simple access to your belongings and resources. Let’s learn how burglars bypass your door locks and how a high-security door lock installation will help you stop burglars in their tracks.

Brute Force Attacks

A brute force attack is a tactic that most burglars use on front doors. However, burglar-proof door locks can withstand a lot of power. In many incidences, criminals resort to kicking and ramming entryways instead. Usually, criminals that use these tactics want to overwhelm the structural integrity of your entryway. A criminal cannot kick an entryway down if you have reinforced the door weak points.

The door weak points typically depend on the door material, the doorframe, the area of its hinges and the locking mechanism that holds it together. Brute force attacks are a lot noisier than other secret access methods, yet this doesn’t mean that burglars avoid using this strategy. If an effective kicking or ramming assault takes place, it usually saves criminals more time which means they can maximize the time by stealing more things in your home or office.

Drill Attacks

Drilling attacks

Drilling attacks work like brute force attacks but with the door or locks specific focuses. Yes, drilling attacks will destroy the door without subtlety. A drilling attack focuses on the core of a lock cylinder. The danger of drill attacks isn’t the easy entry that it awards thieves.

Rather, the fact that you can buy the main device for drilling the lock at your local hardware store down the road. Drilling a lock will damage the lock and render it unusable again. Usually, a burglar-proof door lock installation will have security steps set up that limit the success of a drilling attack on your doors.

Lock Picking Attacks  

Orlando Locksmith lock-picking device

Unlike drilling and brute force attacks, lock picking requires considerably more skill. This manipulating skill means that the lock picking attack takes more time to complete. It is why most burglars select not to lock-pick locks. Lock picking requires skill, awareness, and patience, which are not characteristics that burglars have. However, just because some thieves avoid lock picking doesn’t mean that you may leave your guard down.

Door locks that stop lock picking have the best interior mechanism to prevent a successful attack. Locking picking attacks manipulate the pins in your lock cylinder in a way that permits the thief to open the lock without the right key. Homeowners can tell when a lock picking assault took place unless a trained forensic Orlando locksmith tells them.

Lock Bumping Attacks

bump keys to bypass locks

Locksmiths designed lock bumping in the 1970s as an efficient way to help people that we’re experiencing a home lockout or business lockouts. However, today when individuals hear lock bumping they want to get familiar with security measures to stop it. Lock bumping uses specially modified keys to exploit some vulnerabilities in some pin tumbler locks. Lock bumping attacks frequently rely on the access that a criminal has to specific key profiles.

Unfortunately, people can purchase most of these key profiles easily. Burglar-proof doors should focus on measures that render their locks bump resistant. This will help stop the probability of a burglar bumping your door lock. Fortunately for most people, bump keys don’t work on autos, which means one less thing to stress over.

Lock Snapping Attacks

Lock snapping isn’t something that many Americans will know about. However, it is a lock attack that criminals use frequently in the UK and other foreign territories. Euro cylinder locks are the most affected by these types of assaults.

Most euro cylinder locks have a weakness in their construction that permits burglars to snap the lock to uncover the revolving cam and the core locking mechanism.

A burglar-proof door lock installation done by professionals

Burglar-proof door lock installation

You can’t burglar-proof doors without first talking about high-security door locks. Yes, a door plays a significant job in home security, but the burden usually falls on the locks.

Picking the correct door lock to complement your door (and back door) is the key to stopping burglar attacks. A quality door lock needs to stop brute force attacks, drilling attacks, lock picking attacks and lock bumping attacks among others.

High-security deadbolt locks with high metal content and the complexity of the lock core are the most essential lock to stop burglar attacks. If you need assistance with a burglar-proof door lock installation, contact us today.

Home Lock Security For Vacation


Home Lock security has been on your mind since planning a vacation. Vacations are fun, however, the last thing we want to think about is the house’s locks. We wonder is the installation of padlocks & window locks will keep burglars out?

An effective way is to protect your home is to install a security system, but choosing a locksmith Orlando, FL company can be hard. Now a pro locksmith can handle home security system installations. What can you look for before making a selection on your home security?

Home security can feel very tech-savvy, and you may feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry we are going to give you a closer look. Here some bullet points to view to clarify what you need before hiring a locksmith.

What makes Up A Home Security System?

use other forms of security
Video surveillance

We gave you links on the bullet points we get the most questions on, besides that give us a call if you need a home security system installation. Our company specializes in home security lock and, equally commercial security systems. Now we will talk about hiring the right company.

Keep in mind that it’s not the security system you choose, but the company that installs it! Make sure that the locksmith company has experience in the type of security you need. Also read their reviews online, furthermore, ask for referrals. Not everyone is nice and won’t answer your questions correctly.

Other Things To Do Secure Your Home While On Vacation


Improve your chances of not getting your home broken in with these tips. Secure all your doors before living, equally important are your windows and doors. Don’t give burglars easy access!

Being friendly with your neighbors may be tough to do, on the other hand, they can alert the cops if they see unknown people around your home. So getting along with your neighbors can be a blessing.

Living outside lights on at night can also deter theft, for fear that they can be seen by someone and arrested. Consider putting lights on timers to mimic the normal movements in your home. This is very effective and free.

Ok, folks there you have it, these are some excellent tips to use when you’re going on vacation. So try calling a locksmith that’s an expert in security and trustworthiness. These tips will keep your home secure and safe, good luck and have a safe trip.