How has your Local Locksmith Grown during the Growth of Technology?

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A local locksmith is one of the oldest professions in the US and today, even your locksmith in Orlando hasn’t escaped the impact of innovation. Yes, the business sure isn’t slowing down but just changing. Like every other industry that ends up being molded by innovation.

From the way people communicate via smartphones to the ways we protect our homes, the constant advancement of innovation has affected all parts of our lives. Thus, changing how we get things done every day.

Comprehensively technology has transformed many industries, and the home security industry is no exception. Locksmith near me has advanced extraordinarily in the previous decades to where it’s not just about locks and keys.

Pushed by the growing number of uses of technology, your local locksmith industry has advanced into the broader home security field and now covers more solutions. If you want to become more familiar with this subject, continue reading below.

Your Local Locksmith can install smart locks

The rise of smart locks is a prime example of how innovation can help us secure our homes simpler and more convenient.

The growing popularity of smartphones has made this possible, the present-day smart locks have advanced past the traditional mechanical keys and locks.

By using the smart lock applications on their smartphones, homeowners can rapidly gain access without the need to carry physical keys. This also helps people who lose keys by allowing entry via the cellphone.

A Local Locksmith can install digital lock systems

digital lock system-card reader

They may appear like something from SCI-FI, but now they’re here and we use them every day throughout the world. Local locksmiths all over the world have to deal with installation and replacements concerning digital lock systems.

Many people are seeing these locks benefits and investing in their use for companies and even in their homes. They are correct to invest in these digital locks with the immense innovative security that it can bring them.

We currently use this lock more because it allows you to use a code to enter the property. Plus, you can offer the code to anyone that requires entry to get to the property.

Yes, even in the hotels business, it’s common to see digital locks that use a card as they are faster and more secure than using standard keys and the operator can change the codes frequently after every visitor has left.



Besides locks and keyless lock systems, the present locksmith industry also covers the installation and maintenance of HD-CCTV devices which have gotten popular among homeowners. Usually, these surveillance systems are better equipped to fight commercial and office burglaries but today found it’s way into homes.

No enormous surprise, considering HD surveillance cameras capture high-definition video surveillance footage 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Also, surveillance cameras currently come with many features, including remote live viewing through a smartphone. And also two-way communication between the individual monitoring the video stream and the one in front of the camera.

Burglar Alarm Systems

According to a 2013 study, an alarm can deter burglars from targeting a property.

Also, the rise of innovation has made it workable for owners to control their alarm systems remotely through a smartphone and get an alert when someone triggers the alarm.

Those keen on advancing their home security can choose a wireless or a traditional wired alarm system. However, you can connect the burglar alarms with smart locking devices which can fall under locksmith’s expertise.

For example, you could connect the Yale Keyfree Connected smart lock with the Yale Easy Fit Alarm, permitting clients to open their door using the Yale Alarm application on their cellphones.

Emergency 24 hours Local Locksmith Services

Local Lock LLC your Local Locksmith in Orlando!

Back then, there were few 24 hours locksmiths or emergency locksmiths in Orlando. It was difficult to contact a locksmith at night, so any issue experienced past the standard working day would need to wait until morning. This would have caused serious security issues for cars, businesses, and homeowners who experience a break-in or a lockout late night.

Today, everything is better: the IoT (Internet of Things) has made it possible to contact a locksmith at night, providing necessary relief to abandoned and scared clients. In only a couple of minutes, using your cell phone, you can find and call a local locksmith.

Today’s local locksmiths

Therefore, innovation hasn’t passed through the locksmith industry. Your traditional locksmith is not backing down or going away.

Your locksmith in Orlando, it’s adapting to today’s innovation and growing with the times. By incorporating more home security solutions, Locksmithing will stay relevant and needed in the general security landscape.

This is an excellent time for the local locksmith to showcase their skills. So, if you need to keep up-to-date with the development in the security industry, follow our blog.