Home Door Lock Services Realtor Should Know and Implement

Home Door Lock Replacement Services

Home door lock services can be handy for homeowners, but Locksmith Orlando knows of a professional who needs these services too, a realtor. As a realtor, often people think your job only is finding your customers the correct property at the correct price.

Usually, that is your main purpose, but your true aim is to look out for your customers while simultaneously meeting all of their home buying and selling needs. So, to accomplish this goal, there are a few door lock installation and repairs plus upgrades you can do. Each home has a lock installation, and a house without one has no security.

Do You Know About Re-keying Locks?

Many people know from us that changing their locks while moving to a new home is a good way to increase their security. However, replacing their locks isn’t the best way to do this, particularly if you want to save some money but still want to take care of your clients. If you replace your locks it can be expensive and time-wasting, as it requires buying and installing new equipment.

Yet, a significantly better and cheaper solution is to re-key your locks. Re-keying is the process by which we replace the internal mechanisms of the current locks on a house, and the locksmith cuts new keys to match the new internal mechanism. We render the old keys obsolete, and the old locks are still secure as when they were new.

Re-keying is something everyone should know, and thus each realtor should know about it. Also, better than just educating your customers about rekeying, you can offer it to them. Re-keying makes the ideal closing gift while being cheap, but something that the client will thank you for. You will leave your customers with a great gift, one that makes their home more secure.  

Reinforce deadbolts door locks

Reinforce deadbolts door locks

Most locksmiths recommend deadbolt locks for exterior doors because these locks are better at preventing forced entry techniques like kicking. However, they will breakdown if a burglar applies a force that can tear the screws from the doorframe.

But, longer, more robust screws can strengthen the door’s equipment plus the deadbolt since these screws reach down to the studs in the doorframe. Besides, these screws also and strengthen the door against a lot of force AKA kicking. An Orlando Locksmith can install 2 ½ inch specialty screws into the doorframe, making deadbolts twice as strong and doors resistant to kicking techniques that low-level criminals use.

When the realtor ensures the customers’ deadbolts have more than the normal screw, the realtor ensures the client’s investment and sends a message of concern for their safety. Customers will remember this when they move again and consider you first to be their real estate agent once more.

Home door lock services-key control

Does any of your customers hope to own multiple properties? Well, if your customers own more than one home, key control or a master key system can make a big difference. Imagine how easy it would be if your client only requires one key for the many properties they own.

For example, perhaps they want to have their mom or grandma’s home rekeyed to use the same key as their home. No more stressing over remembering the correct key when taking off to the see the house or using a large keyring and trying to cycle through ten keys before picking the correct one.

With rekeying, you no longer need to replace all of your locks to equip them to work with the same key. You can reconfigure most locks to work with the same key, removing any of the confusion or the problem brought about by dealing with many keys for different properties.

Switch to electronic door locks

electronic lock installation
electronic lock installation

The door locks you have for your home or business will impact the security and convenience you expect to give your clients. Traditional locks frequently put you at a disadvantage since you need to know where you put keys at all times.

We know that people usually lose keys and these locks burglars typically can pick or bump. Lost or stolen keys can represent a security hazard too, since whenever they’re not in your hands, a criminal can make duplicates without permission.

So, by installing electronic locks you as the realtor increase the homeowner’s security and convenience besides these locks give off a great future appearance.

Electronic locks with cards or passcodes offer more security and remove the dreaded lost key plus the lock picking and lock bump technique a burglar uses on traditional locks. The house will look like a futuristic home something a client may like.

Conclusion of home door lock services

Realtor door security tips

As a real estate professional, your customers will depend on you as they select their new home. By being smart about locks and lock security, you can guarantee your customers find the correct house and show them how to secure it too.

Locksmith in Orlando can offer the best residential and commercial home door lock services that can enhance security.

Home Lock Security For Vacation


Home Lock security has been on your mind since planning a vacation. Vacations are fun, however, the last thing we want to think about is the house’s locks. We wonder is the installation of padlocks & window locks will keep burglars out?

An effective way is to protect your home is to install a security system, but choosing a locksmith Orlando, FL company can be hard. Now a pro locksmith can handle home security system installations. What can you look for before making a selection on your home security?

Home security can feel very tech-savvy, and you may feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry we are going to give you a closer look. Here some bullet points to view to clarify what you need before hiring a locksmith.

What makes Up A Home Security System?

use other forms of security
Video surveillance

We gave you links on the bullet points we get the most questions on, besides that give us a call if you need a home security system installation. Our company specializes in home security lock and, equally commercial security systems. Now we will talk about hiring the right company.

Keep in mind that it’s not the security system you choose, but the company that installs it! Make sure that the locksmith company has experience in the type of security you need. Also read their reviews online, furthermore, ask for referrals. Not everyone is nice and won’t answer your questions correctly.

Other Things To Do Secure Your Home While On Vacation


Improve your chances of not getting your home broken in with these tips. Secure all your doors before living, equally important are your windows and doors. Don’t give burglars easy access!

Being friendly with your neighbors may be tough to do, on the other hand, they can alert the cops if they see unknown people around your home. So getting along with your neighbors can be a blessing.

Living outside lights on at night can also deter theft, for fear that they can be seen by someone and arrested. Consider putting lights on timers to mimic the normal movements in your home. This is very effective and free.

Ok, folks there you have it, these are some excellent tips to use when you’re going on vacation. So try calling a locksmith that’s an expert in security and trustworthiness. These tips will keep your home secure and safe, good luck and have a safe trip.