How Can Homeowners Prevent Successful Door-to-Door Scams?

Door-to-Door Scams

Unfortunately, burglar scams appear to be increasingly common lately or better known as door-to-door scams. However, with the right training, Locksmith in Windermere, FL, believe almost everyone can avoid being a victim.

I talk a lot about front door lock security on this website because a lot of houses break-ins happen through the doors of private property. Often, a burglar knocks as a salesperson and just walks in through an opened door or a door where it’s straightforward to pick the lock.

In other cases, the burglar tells the homeowner a sad story while their buddy is inside burglarizing via the open patio door. If you’ve read our locksmith in Orlando, FL,  expert articles, you should know that it’s possible to put tough security deterrents like sturdy deadbolt locks with a bit of cash.

Home security involves knowing the dangers and potential perils in and around your home. It likewise incorporates education intended to protect your family and valuables from burglars.

So, let’s read the most common scenarios you should keep an eye out if you want to keep away from any successful burglar scam besides some tips to avoid scams all-together.

Door-to-Door Scams-Contractor Fraud

contractor door-to-door scams

Be careful with contractors who knock on your home or call you on the telephone searching for work. Some will reveal to you they were simply driving by and noticed you required another roof, sliding door, or garage door.

However, they may not be contractors, not trained, not authorized, or without insurance. These contractor scammers will typically offer the work at a low cost or a lot lower than what the job is worth.

Also, they will expect you to pay in advance. The truth, you will give them the cash and never see them again. Expert, reliable contractors don’t go door-to-door asking for work, and they require no cash in advance. But, if they do ask for money, find another contractor.

Door-to-Door Scams-Fake Emergency

They use mostly this scam than others. A utility worker will show up at your doorstep claiming there’s a gas leak or flood in your street and needs to come in to turn off your supply.

While you’re at the place, the burglar wants you to be at, for example, the basement, his accomplice steals your valuables while you’re distracted with the emergency. If you do catch them in the act, you may face a home invasion which can turn into a worst or mortal situation.

Door-to-Door Scams-The Sympathy Card

The sympathy card scam

This scam tries to get you distracted while listening to an unhappy story. This is like the “I lost my dog or cat” con. A thief can knock on your door and tell you they urgently need your assistance with whatever situation therein. For instance, “My car broke down, can you please lend me your telephone?” or “My car ran out of gas, can I borrow some cash or a gas can?”

Besides the fact that you give them the chance to burglarize your home, you also showing them the inside of your home if they are unsuccessful in gaining entry into your home the first time.

Scammers use fake authority to fool you

Another way scams occur is by someone acting like a census surveyor, who knocks at your front door and starts asking detailed questions, for example:

  • Financial status
  • Your social security number.
  • Where do you work and even the hours?
  • If you have children or not.
  • Some bold enough to ask if you have or need an alarm system.

This scam works because cons use the fact that people trust individuals who look like an expert or official. Imagine if you see a police officer or a fireman with their uniforms, wouldn’t you let them inside your home?

However, the first thing you can do is request a badge number and paperwork work which states who they claim to be.

How to prevent a successful scam?

peephole installation

So how to protect yourself from the distraction scammer, well these hints below will assist you with preventing a scam:

Install a deadbolt lock and a peephole or door viewer. Plus, metal security doors where meant for situations like these.

If you don’t know the person behind your door, don’t open it! Nobody said you’re obligated to open the door.

But if the con or person is very convincing, call a neighbor or friend that lives nearby to come to accompany you. One can check the perimeter of your home and the other can monitor the guest while opening your door.

If they lure you outside of your home, try to lock the door behind you. Also, lock all entrances leading into your house for example, patio glass door and windows.

The Good Samaritan in you shouldn’t disappear, so if you’re in a position where you want to help someone, call a neighbor or friend nearby to come and help.

If you’re not sure, don’t open the door!

Remember, to protect your home, you have to be vigilant. Always ask questions, and demand answers. Scammers depend on you being trusting, decent, and not the person to offend someone. The distracting scammer can bring a devastating outcome.

Homeowners can lose their genuine feelings of serenity and confidence, plus their valuables. Be careful and safe every time you open the door!

Front Door Lock Replacements Hints to Increased Home Security

front door lock replacements tips for better security

Front door lock replacements can provide higher security than most high-tech devices ever can, for many reasons. Yes, I know modern tech is the thing today, but Orlando Locksmith in Windermere, FL knows nothing beats front doors locks.

With many alternatives and considerations for front door lock replacements, the main thing to do is know the minimum requirements for door security. To begin, always change your front door locks to a deadbolt lock installation.

Or at least have one deadbolt plus your regular nice looking door handle lock. There are many locks available for residential use, yet the deadbolt is the most significant lock on a front and back door.

Front Door Lock Replacements First Tip-Upgrade to a deadbolt lock

deadbolt lock replacements

A deadbolt lock provides real door security, instead of the door handle lock, which uses a spring-loaded hook that doesn’t extend deep into the doorframe and a burglar can bypass it with a credit card. A keyed door handle can help your home’s décor, but won’t work as the only deterrent to keep intruders at bay.

Ensure your replacement locks work to protect outside doors. For instance, the interior locks you would use on a restroom door isn’t fit as a front door lock replacement. Most burglars attack the front door as their main target, so you need sturdy door locks for your front door security.

What is the level of security you’re looking to implement?

Finding the answer to the level of security comes down to conducting a legitimate security assessment on your home.

When you look for your front door lock replacement, the essential things to remember for security are the features of your deadbolt. A top concern is the amount of power that the lock can withstand before the deadbolt fails. This attack a low-rated burglar will commit. However, lock pick resistance is significant but burglars don’t pick locks. It takes too much time to pick locks compared to kicking a door down.

Yes, experts can pick all locks, and they can destroy all locks, given sufficient time and tools. So, it is critical to make moves to burglar-proof your doors, beyond picking a nice shiny lock. However, it is essential to begin your front door security with a door deadbolt lock.

Intended Daily Lock Use

intended daily lock usage

Because of the many front door lock choices, the usage of your locks is significant. Consider the residents in the home. Consider how many times they open the door and close it. If you have a lot of visitors or many peoples living in the home, a mortise lock can work better than a standard rim cylinder deadbolt.

All locks go through wear and tear, given enough usage. However, certain locks are simpler to service and fix than others. Also, there are perfect locks for when you foresee a lot of tenants and want to give access and remove it rapidly. Maybe a smart lock installation can be the best answer for your front door lock replacement.

Consider the differences between smart locks and traditional locks so you know which one will suit your requirements. Your locks can either complement your lifestyle or a problem to your way of life.

Electronic Lock Options

Because of modern technology, there are many electronic locks available today. Those used for residential use still have a few features to look over. For instance, smart locks that work with a smartphone can open a door remotely and can alert you if an intruder opens your door.

But, for apartments and rental properties, popular electronic alternatives for front door lock replacement are keypad locks. Electronic locks bring the simplicity of entry, easy combination changes, and there is no requirement for the property owner to make spare keys.

It stops the issues when there are many occupants, and combination passcodes are simpler to monitor than physical keys. However, these conveniences can backfire if you don’t choose the electronic lock correctly.

Electronic locks have the same interior mechanism that traditional locks have besides the features and weaknesses.

Rekeying instead of front door lock replacements

rekeying door lock option

Rekeying locks is a great idea when you want to deny entry to individuals who once had access to the home. Plus, the expense to rekey a lock will never cost more than a full front door lock replacement. So, if you think someone has stolen your key or you lost it weirdly, rekeying can solve the issue.

You can often fix door lock Issues instead of changing your locks. Yes, a broken lock needs a replacement service, but other situations an expert can fix, for example, a stuck door lock or stuck door latch. Rekeying can often work better and cheaper than a full door lock replacement.

However, if you want an upgrade or tired of how your lock looks, then replace it with a better burglar-resistant lock.