How to handle the Dreaded Emergency Car Lockout Situations?

Emergency Car Lockout Situations

Emergency car lockout situations happen every day but our car locksmith in Windermere, Orlando, FL believes their ways to handle and overcome these episodes. Often, many things can occur that can turn out bad while driving a vehicle, yet getting locked out of the car can cause a lot of frustration. Yes, even the most organized individual can lose their vehicle keys or lose them at a gas station or party.

You may likewise face emergency car lockout situations when you have a faulty door lock or the key got stuck in the keyhole. It can frustrate anyone while standing before a locked car but there are ways for you to handle such circumstances cleverly and calmly.

Our mobile emergency locksmith Orlando has some tips that can assist you in preventing a car lockout. Also, we’ll teach you how to handle each episode if one ever happens.

First, avoid panicking

The first thing you have to do is to keep yourself calm and avoid panicking. Avoid panic mode and don’t resort to yelling for help as this may place you into a more precarious situation.

Doing things in a hurry can get you the wrong outcome and even may get you hurt if you break a window. Likely, you misplaced your keys or forgot them. Therefore, keep yourself calm so you can get past this episode. Keeping a clear head will enable you to remember where you put your keys.

Try to remember your last steps and places you visited. Maybe the keys are under the couch, in the restroom, or you left them at the gas station where you paid for the gas.

Stay focused during an emergency car lockout situation

Man focus during an emergency car lockout situation

You can avoid emergency car lockout situations by lowering the chances of losing it. For instance, manufacturers make and design keychains in a way that there more difficult to lose. You can even tie the key chain to your belts so that you don’t forget them while getting out of the vehicle. You can likewise tie them to the purse to prevent a car lockout service call.

Consider using a bright-colored key chain to help you with tracking your keys. You can use colorful items to assist you with tracking your keys, for example, big bright-colored lanyards, charms, and other decorative things.

Have a Plan B

When you experience a car lockout, your plans will get canceled, but more regrettably… it can strand you in an unforgiving place. However, keeping an extra key can be your best friend in such circumstances. Therefore, try to keep your extra key in your pocket or wallet all the time.

Prevention can always avoid emergency lockout situations. It is a smart thought to keep a spare key in places where you can easily find them. For example, you may store spare keys in the office, at home, at the place of a neighbor or friend.

So, the emergency car lockout situation won’t be an issue because you’ll know where you stored the extra key? Therefore—there’s likely someone will always bring it to you. The last tip, make sure the people who you gave the spare key live close to you so you don’t have to wait or be a bother for the people that have to do drive to your location.

Try not to break a car window in an emergency car lockout situation

cut hands while breaking a car window

Breaking a vehicle window is perilous and expensive to fix. The only reason you should break a window, for example, if a child or pet is stuck inside a hot vehicle. Instead, don’t break the auto glass yourself, it’s best to call 911 or an emergency locksmith in Orlando.

The windshield won’t break and the side windows come with laminated glass, which means it’s nearly as sturdy as the windshield. If you do break a window, then you may break or cut your hand. Or worse yet, if a child or pet is inside you may cut them, too.

Keep a locksmith number handy

car locksmith helping a stranded car owner

If all fails and you still experience a vehicle lockout, the last alternative is to have a cell number of a reliable locksmith in Orlando who will be your hero. Then, if an emergency car lockout situation occurs, your instant help can be a call away.

Getting a dependable and reliable locksmith is a simple achievement when you have done your research beforehand. By doing this in advance, you have time to become acquainted with the company and you can even check if they contract certified and licensed car locksmiths.

The research is worth the effort since you can’t waste time doing this research during a lockout. It is likewise a smart idea to request referrals and recommendations from friends and family members that hired locksmiths near to you.

Car Lockout Service Tips for Car Owners in a Jam

Car lockout service Local Lock LLC

Car lockout service works 24 Hours because lockouts happen all the time, for many reasons. You may lock your keys inside your vehicle or lose them while dancing on a Friday night. Also, your door locks or the key could break unexpectedly. It doesn’t make a difference if you’re heading out on a road trip or on your way back from the supermarket, these things can happen with no warning.

However, during a car lockout, it is essential to keep calm and do nothing that will damage your vehicle or cause harm to yourself. Rather, look at our expert car lockout service near me tips for getting back into your locked vehicle safely. Below, we listed some options that you can explore to get back inside your car before calling an expert locksmith in Orlando.

Remain calm and think about your options

Car lockout service

I know it’s easy to say, but panicking during a rough situation is normal for some people. However, the last thing you need to do is call for help just to find you had an open door the entire time.

Don’t do something that can make the situation worse, like breaking a window. You must pay more out-of-pocket cash for the broken window than calling a locksmith and probably need a hospital visit for cuts on your hands or elbows.

Troubleshoot the door locks

Regardless of the reason for your lockout, you can find a way back inside your car by troubleshooting all the door locks. If your key is in the vehicle or lost, there could be a door that didn’t close properly. Check to see if you locked each door or window. If this tip works, make sure to fix the malfunctioning lock once you’ve recovered your keys. Unlocked glitch vehicle doors attract car burglars so ensure you fix the lock.

When you have your car keys, but you have a broken door lock or malfunctioning, try the other lock cylinders of your car. Even if you don’t have a hatchback, you can get into your vehicle to open the door through the trunk. Often, the back seat has an opening where you can slither through by pushing the back seats away. Also, try to use your physical key to open the entryway since there could be an issue with your car’s remote.

Find your spare key  

car key replacement service Local Lock LLC

Do you know if you have an extra key or where you left it? Consider every option—there’s probably someone who could bring it to you. Investing in car replacement keys may pay itself back in this situation, and you’ll have a way to get back inside your car while saving money and the hassle.

You may likewise have the option to get a temporary key from your car dealer if it’s a lease. However, you’ll require a friend to give you a lift and may need to prove ownership for the vehicle with the vehicle ID number or documents. However, this doesn’t work for owners that have a keyless model.


You could look into YouTube and find a video that shows you how to use a wedge and open yourself. However, it requires you to find the wedge and this method could damage the door of your vehicle and can make things worse for you. Likewise, it could require more energy since you are not an expert locksmith.

Smash the window

Car smash window can cause injuries

Many panicked people typically smash the windows of their vehicle when they get locked out and then sadly pay for another expensive window. But this could cost more than calling a local mobile locksmith who can skillfully open the door for you in a few minutes.

Also, this alternative isn’t smart if you have a baby or a pet locked inside your vehicle. Because broken shards can cut and injured people and pets so instead wait for a local locksmith.

Roadside Assistance

Verify if you have a policy that provides emergency roadside assistance by checking with your insurance agent first. Most vehicle insurance policies rarely include roadside assistance. Don’t get confused by comprehensive coverage—even when you have this kind of policy, roadside assistance may not cover you.

Even with this coverage, it’s possible that the service will work fruitfully. Often, if a roadside service expert can’t open your vehicle, they must call a locksmith to the location—which the insurance may not include in the coverage. Therefore, ensure what your policy will provide.

Call the Cops

You could call the cops to open the door like many panicked car owners try to do. The cops need you to go through formalities and afterward break the lock or window for you. It makes little sense since you could have done this and save yourself the trouble of calling them. Remember, they’re not liable if they damage your lock and car window.

Call a local car lockout service in Orlando

Local car lockout service Local Lock LLC

Most locksmiths are available all day 24 hours and mobile to help people that get locked out even in undesired locations. Our Local-Lock-LLC locksmith experts can open your door without breaking or damaging anything while doing this job cheap.