Commercial Locksmith in Orlando Burglary Prevention Tips

Commercial Locksmith in Orlando Burglary Prevention Tips

Commercial Locksmith in Orlando experts knows that a burglary can ruin a business. Here are some crime prevention tips to help keep your business secured. Not all these hints will apply to each business, but it gives a good starting point.

While looking at your business to identify potential weaknesses:

Look at your property from the burglar’s perspective.

What’s the straightforward way to enter your property?

Can you see a burglar from across the street?

Check the state of your exterior door locks?

Look at your property weaknesses, both in the daylight and nighttime.

Are the lights working correctly?

Are the lights pointed properly so they light up dark doors and windows and spots where a thief may hide?

Call a reliable commercial locksmith in Orlando expert if you’re not sure where to begin and they’ll do an audit usually for free.

Commercial Locksmith in Orlando Door Lock Recommendations

commercial locksmith in Orlando installation of a electronic lock

The most fragile part of a door is the lockset. Now, if you have a sturdy lock and don’t use it, it doesn’t work either. The lock that commercial locksmiths recommend is a double cylinder deadbolt, with at least 1 inch (or more) throw bolt. Search for a lock with a hardened steel insert and extra pins that will oppose sawing and lock picking attacks.

Use 3-inch screws or more to attach the strike plate to the doorframe. This will help keep a criminal from kicking the door in.

A double cylinder deadbolt lock requires a key to open both from inside and from outside. This prevents thieves from breaking glass in the entryway and reaching through to turn the knob from inside. The bonus is that it keeps burglars from leaving through the door if they’ve entered through the roof.

Keep in mind, a double cylinder deadbolt can likewise block your exit in an emergency. Check your building codes to check whether they allow these locks in your area. If you want to upgrade to electronic locks hire a reliable Orlando Locksmith for installation.

Door Hinges

Ensure that your hinges are within your business. You shouldn’t have hinges on the outside of your business. If you do have hinges outward of your business, then remove the center screw from each side of the hinge and add a headless screw or metal pin on one side. When the door shuts, the end of the pin will insert into the hole of the opposite side and stop the lifting of the door.


Stainless steel padlock

Overhead doors, receiving doors, garage doors need security via padlocks and hasps. Search for a sturdy padlock that doesn’t release the key until it locks the padlock.

That way you’ll never leave a lock opened. Remember that a padlock needs a sturdy hasp, too. You need to secure the hasp with bolts and mounted on a metal plate. Ensure it hides the bolts when you lock the padlock. Also, ensure the lock is case-hardened with a 3/8-inch shackle so it can stop repeated attacks.

High-quality door construction

Weak doors equal weak security so replace hollow core exterior doors with high-quality wood or steel doors. You can also re-enforce the doorframe. Burglars can smash, shoulder-in or kicked in doors, or try to pry away the frame.  Aluminum or weak wood doorframes are vulnerable to this attack.

Windows weaknesses

Window broken

A straightforward approach to entering a business is through your weak glass windows. To lower the chances, you could use metal bars. However, this may negatively affect your business, so it may not be practical for you. So, instead, use polycarbonate sheets over glass and glass doors.

Another good but costly option is safety glass. Safety glass works well in certain businesses that use pass-through windows. Remember to replace your latches with a sturdy window lock and consider placing a bolt or screw in your window frame to shield them from being lifted out of the tracks or forced open.


An Alarm system can help you sleep at night, but they need routine maintenance to keep away from false alarms. When an alarm activates, it often requires police officers to respond and check the property. Many cities impose fines for excessive false alarms.

Employee training can help stop false alarms since most false alarms happen when opening and shutting your business. If you unintentionally trigger your alarm, ensure that the alarm company doesn’t call the police.

Assign alarm codes to specific employees and change them when the employee leaves your company. Never use simple codes such as the numbers from your location or your phone as the alarm code.

A Burglar-proof Door Lock Installation to Prevent Burglar Attacks

door lock replacement services

A burglar-proof door lock installation can be a significant part of a home’s physical security measures, but not everyone takes advantage of them. In many offices and homes, your doors and locks are the main deterrents of a burglar’s attacks.

Once burglars bypass your door lock they will have simple access to your belongings and resources. Let’s learn how burglars bypass your door locks and how a high-security door lock installation will help you stop burglars in their tracks.

Brute Force Attacks

A brute force attack is a tactic that most burglars use on front doors. However, burglar-proof door locks can withstand a lot of power. In many incidences, criminals resort to kicking and ramming entryways instead. Usually, criminals that use these tactics want to overwhelm the structural integrity of your entryway. A criminal cannot kick an entryway down if you have reinforced the door weak points.

The door weak points typically depend on the door material, the doorframe, the area of its hinges and the locking mechanism that holds it together. Brute force attacks are a lot noisier than other secret access methods, yet this doesn’t mean that burglars avoid using this strategy. If an effective kicking or ramming assault takes place, it usually saves criminals more time which means they can maximize the time by stealing more things in your home or office.

Drill Attacks

Drilling attacks

Drilling attacks work like brute force attacks but with the door or locks specific focuses. Yes, drilling attacks will destroy the door without subtlety. A drilling attack focuses on the core of a lock cylinder. The danger of drill attacks isn’t the easy entry that it awards thieves.

Rather, the fact that you can buy the main device for drilling the lock at your local hardware store down the road. Drilling a lock will damage the lock and render it unusable again. Usually, a burglar-proof door lock installation will have security steps set up that limit the success of a drilling attack on your doors.

Lock Picking Attacks  

Orlando Locksmith lock-picking device

Unlike drilling and brute force attacks, lock picking requires considerably more skill. This manipulating skill means that the lock picking attack takes more time to complete. It is why most burglars select not to lock-pick locks. Lock picking requires skill, awareness, and patience, which are not characteristics that burglars have. However, just because some thieves avoid lock picking doesn’t mean that you may leave your guard down.

Door locks that stop lock picking have the best interior mechanism to prevent a successful attack. Locking picking attacks manipulate the pins in your lock cylinder in a way that permits the thief to open the lock without the right key. Homeowners can tell when a lock picking assault took place unless a trained forensic Orlando locksmith tells them.

Lock Bumping Attacks

bump keys to bypass locks

Locksmiths designed lock bumping in the 1970s as an efficient way to help people that we’re experiencing a home lockout or business lockouts. However, today when individuals hear lock bumping they want to get familiar with security measures to stop it. Lock bumping uses specially modified keys to exploit some vulnerabilities in some pin tumbler locks. Lock bumping attacks frequently rely on the access that a criminal has to specific key profiles.

Unfortunately, people can purchase most of these key profiles easily. Burglar-proof doors should focus on measures that render their locks bump resistant. This will help stop the probability of a burglar bumping your door lock. Fortunately for most people, bump keys don’t work on autos, which means one less thing to stress over.

Lock Snapping Attacks

Lock snapping isn’t something that many Americans will know about. However, it is a lock attack that criminals use frequently in the UK and other foreign territories. Euro cylinder locks are the most affected by these types of assaults.

Most euro cylinder locks have a weakness in their construction that permits burglars to snap the lock to uncover the revolving cam and the core locking mechanism.

A burglar-proof door lock installation done by professionals

Burglar-proof door lock installation

You can’t burglar-proof doors without first talking about high-security door locks. Yes, a door plays a significant job in home security, but the burden usually falls on the locks.

Picking the correct door lock to complement your door (and back door) is the key to stopping burglar attacks. A quality door lock needs to stop brute force attacks, drilling attacks, lock picking attacks and lock bumping attacks among others.

High-security deadbolt locks with high metal content and the complexity of the lock core are the most essential lock to stop burglar attacks. If you need assistance with a burglar-proof door lock installation, contact us today.

Can A Pro Locksmith Secure My Business?


Getting a pro locksmith to help secure your business is excellent. But can an expert locksmith in Orlando help me secure my business? In this article, we are going to help you understand how a local locksmith secures your business. Keeping your store or shop away from burglary is a top priority!

You can count on an honest locksmith near me to do secure your business or home. We suggest a pro locksmith Orlando, FL that’s been around for a few years at least. Local Lock has 15 years of experience and it’s well known, I’m just saying lol. But on a serious tip here are some bullet points I good company for commercial lock security needs!

  • Commercial lockouts
  • Master keying
  • Safe keys
  • Changing locks of commercial properties
  • Desk and cabinet locks

You can count on Local Locksmith Orlando, FL 24 hours a day. There are a lot of additions that you can make to your business, of course, this all depends on what type of security you need. Don’t confuse locksmiths with similarly, impact window installation companies, or otherhome improvement companies. We do locksmith right and with more commercial services specific to your business. Don’t hesitate to call our locksmith experts.

Commercial Locksmith Security, How to Hire?


Make sure you hire the right locksmith company, not just a home lock expert. Getting just any locksmith won’t cut it, therefore hire a commercial locksmith Orlando. Experts don’t just help you with lockouts a security specialist lock company will do much more.

A locksmith works with lost keys similarly, lockouts, malfunctions, and jams are fulfilled fast and with expert rapidity for your convenience. Many difficult conditions can be elevated by unprofessional services. Call a pro locksmith to ensure that your need or situation is resolved fast. All of these services are available for your home and businesses alike, so don’t hesitate in calling Local Lock if ever in a tight situation. A skilled locksmith company can help your store with excellent security industry standards.

High Security Replacements & Repairs From A trusted Locksmith

satisfaction by variety

In any business, the foundation that customer relationship is built on is trust. Any well-trained specialist knows that something like trust in not formed overnight. Therefore, it takes time, dedication, and, excellent quality counts. That’s why a well reputable company will put first your security above all. This is followed by quality, that is a must, and high security is a description suitable for every single one installation or repair job is done.

Locksmith pro with Great Costumer Service

Taking your customers perspective is one of the most effective ways that a professional knows how to provide a business with good security and excellent customer service. A great Orlando locksmith is always looking through the eyes the customers, so that helps us provide adequate solutions. One that includes high-security lock products and a secure business. We don’t forget things like Budget, in addition to personal preferences, style, and usability.