Burglar Proof your Home With Cheap But Good Deterrents

Burglar Proof Your Home

To burglar proof your home, it doesn’t need to take all your hard-earned cash. High-tech home security systems aren’t your only choice since there are many cheap ways to burglar-proof your home. Regardless, if you have plenty of money for protection, it is absurd to ignore the best inexpensive deterrents that are the high basis of home security.

Often, burglars enter through an open window and walk away with laptops and jewelry without breaking a sweat. Allow our mobile emergency locksmith in Orlando to give you some tips and deterrents that you can implement immediately.

Strengthened the Front Door

Reinforcing red door with a robust lock

Many homeowners think an intruder could never walk through the front door during the day. However, it is a common entry point for burglars. Expert criminals know where to look for the extra key that you’ve hidden when you’re not home. Other burglars will break down the entryway with a kick or remove the door from its hinges.

According to Safe At Last, the average number of yearly burglaries in the US is 2.5 million and 65% burglaries occur during the day. Burglars strike during the day because people are working an also forget to lock their doors. Sometimes the homeowner locks the door but leaves a key within simple reach of the lock, making the front door a shockingly easy target for burglars.

So, ensure to lock your doors, place keys away from doors with windows, and the day is usually a time when a burglar is more active.

Door Hardware

A door lock can’t do much against forced entry techniques when your door and frame are weak. So, ensure that the strike plate is properly mounted with long screws. These long screws guarantee that they can force the bolt out of the door frame with a simple kick.

Also, door reinforcement kits include strike plates and other equipment that can strengthen an entryway’s weak points. However, allow a locksmith professional to do the upgrade since protecting your family depends on a good quality job.

Burglar-proof windows

Burglars attack windows after failing with the door because windows are the biggest weakness in many homes. Usually, homeowners think the potential for glass breaking will stop burglars from an attempted burglary.

Fortunately, the sound of breaking glass won’t grab the eye of a neighbor; most people will overlook the sound of a window breaking when they just hear it once. Nevertheless, a burglar doesn’t need to break a window to get past it. Many windows come with a latch that people also forget to use or don’t have sturdy locks to keep a determined criminal out.

Windows can get protected by tall vegetation or fence or wall, which helps give privacy but provides a helpful shield to an intruder to take cover behind. Keeping bushes and vegetation cut can remove the cover for an eventual criminal.

Burglar proof your door with quality locks

Burglar proof your home with a deadbolt lock

How long has it been since you’ve upgraded your locks? Do a quick check! Are the locks damaged and how many times have you lost keys? Are any of the outside locks simple to pick, jimmy or kick? If anything looks out of the ordinary, it could be a great time to re-key your locks or to replace them with high-security locks.

Ensure all outside doors have ANSI Grade 1 or Grade 2 deadbolts. These locks can withstand a lot of forced entry attacks and can have anti-lock or anti-bump features that work well against crafty burglars.

Use motion-sensing lights inside and outside

Change your normal household lights into motion sensor lights by screwing a motion detection adapter in between a normal bulb and socket. Installing these light for outside use will put a spotlight on anybody creeping your property, and the visibility alone would keep intruders away from your property.

However, if they do wander inside, indoor models will make it difficult for them to move around undetected.

Hide your spare key smartly

Hide your spare key smarty

Hiding a key under the mat or a fake rock near the door makes things easier for an opportunistic burglar. Instead, provide an added key to a trusted friend or neighbor. Also, you can find different and difficult spots to hide the key. An even better idea is to go to your patio or backyard to find a hidden place while making sure no one sees.

Keep valuable things hidden

Try not to show off your costly things. Outside, keep your tools, bicycles and other things secured up or safe in the carport when you’re not using them. Inside, use window features like curtains or blinds to prevent snooping characters from casing your home.

Also, hide high-value things when you’re not using them. Try not to leave laptops or iPhones, jewelry, money or significant documents on display. Keep your most important valuables and documents in a burglar-safe.

Well, I hope you enjoy how you can burglar proof your home.

Why do a Door Lock Replacement Instead of Rekeying?

Door Lock Replacement instead of Rekeying

A new door lock replacement can help keep our valuables and family safe from intruders. Nobody needs to feel afraid at home. We consider a house without effective security deterrents unsafe for anyone to live, especially homeowners with kids. New sturdy locks on your front and back residential doors give you confidence when you are away from your home. Also, even when your home, sleeping or relaxing in the patio.

However, how frequently do you change your home locks?  If you’re confused about when to replace your home locks instead of rekeying them, you are not the only one. While rekeying might be cheaper and less hassle for the average homeowner, sometimes hiring an Orlando locksmith to replace the locks is a better option.

You lost your keys

Sadly, homeowners losing their keys happens all the time. Even when you have a spare key, you can’t feel insecure, since you still need to ensure that someone who finds your keys doesn’t enter your home. Therefore, changing the locks when you lose your keys can give you the peace of mind you require to sleep at night.

Having your keys stolen is a significantly more dangerous situation than losing them. With lost keys, it’s difficult to know if you’re in critical danger. But, with stolen keys, you know a criminal can use them for a break-in. So if someone has taken your key, the best thing is to change your locks right away.

New Door Lock Replacement When Moving Into a New Home

New door lock replacement

When you move into a home, you don’t know how many keys the past owner made and gave out. Many people also give spare keys to friends or relatives and afterward forget to gather them when they move.

If the past owner didn’t collect those keys, it’s impossible to tell who may have a key to your new home. Security needs to be your main concern, and changing the locks will assist you with having total serenity.

Locks Aren’t Working Correctly

Like anything made of metal, door locks won’t last forever because of the daily wear and tear. Eventually, they will fail. Possibly, the key will stick in the lock and you must force it to turn. You may also need to wiggle the key a tad before the tumbler will work appropriately.

When that occurs, the issue won’t get better. Also, you can bend the key if you keep trying to force it into the lock. The key could likewise break completely. Instead of worrying over a lockout, replace the lock.

Experienced a burglary or attempted burglary

Burglar attempting to break-in

If you experienced a break-in or attempted break-in, you need to replace your locks with high-security ones. Those thieves could have made copies of your keys and have entry to your residential locks, again.

Plus, during a burglary, burglars may have damaged your locks that could cause a future lockout and malfunction.

You want convenience

It’s a smart idea to change your locks just to make life more convenient. If you have many house keys for different doors, it’s difficult to find the correct key for every door lock, particularly in the dark. Having one key that opens all the doors makes things easier, plus you don’t need to bring all those bulky sets of keys anymore.

You can do this through key control but there’s another option, keyless entry system. A keyless entry system permits you to enter your home with your smartphone, fingerprint or in another way.

Upgrade to High-Security Locks

New door lock installation

If you don’t trust the amount of security your current locks give, the best way to fix the issue is to reach out to an expert locksmith in Orlando and have them upgrade your locks to high-security locks. This idea is superior to waiting around and stressing over your family being vulnerable against home invaders.

Yes, this is smart to do every couple of years, even if your locks have had no issues. Why? Because old locks eventually become outdated and modern models will use better security technology. To protect your family and assets, stay up to date with the recent options.


Replacing your door locks with a better model when you feel unsafe is the best solution for home security. It gives you the lifespan of the new and improved product and the assurance that it will prevent a burglar attack.

However, a DIY project cannot ensure a satisfactory job, so allow a professional to do it right from the beginning until the end. A lot is riding on this door lock replacement, so contact an Orlando Locksmith expert.

A Burglar-proof Door Lock Installation to Prevent Burglar Attacks

Locksmith in Orlando burglar-proof door lock installation

A burglar-proof door lock installation can be a significant part of a home’s physical security measures, but not everyone takes advantage of them. In many offices and homes, your doors and locks are the main deterrents of a burglar’s attacks.

Once burglars bypass your door lock they will have simple access to your belongings and resources. Let’s learn how burglars bypass your door locks and how a high-security door lock installation will help you stop burglars in their tracks.

Brute Force Attacks

A brute force attack is a tactic that most burglars use on front doors. However, burglar-proof door locks can withstand a lot of power. In many incidences, criminals resort to kicking and ramming entryways instead. Usually, criminals that use these tactics want to overwhelm the structural integrity of your entryway. A criminal cannot kick an entryway down if you have reinforced the door weak points.

The door weak points typically depend on the door material, the doorframe, the area of its hinges and the locking mechanism that holds it together. Brute force attacks are a lot noisier than other secret access methods, yet this doesn’t mean that burglars avoid using this strategy. If an effective kicking or ramming assault takes place, it usually saves criminals more time which means they can maximize the time by stealing more things in your home or office.

Drill Attacks

Drilling attacks

Drilling attacks work like brute force attacks but with the door or locks specific focuses. Yes, drilling attacks will destroy the door without subtlety. A drilling attack focuses on the core of a lock cylinder. The danger of drill attacks isn’t the easy entry that it awards thieves.

Rather, the fact that you can buy the main device for drilling the lock at your local hardware store down the road. Drilling a lock will damage the lock and render it unusable again. Usually, a burglar-proof door lock installation will have security steps set up that limit the success of a drilling attack on your doors.

Lock Picking Attacks  

Orlando Locksmith lock-picking device

Unlike drilling and brute force attacks, lock picking requires considerably more skill. This manipulating skill means that the lock picking attack takes more time to complete. It is why most burglars select not to lock-pick locks. Lock picking requires skill, awareness, and patience, which are not characteristics that burglars have. However, just because some thieves avoid lock picking doesn’t mean that you may leave your guard down.

Door locks that stop lock picking have the best interior mechanism to prevent a successful attack. Locking picking attacks manipulate the pins in your lock cylinder in a way that permits the thief to open the lock without the right key. Homeowners can tell when a lock picking assault took place unless a trained forensic Orlando locksmith tells them.

Lock Bumping Attacks

bump keys to bypass locks

Locksmiths designed lock bumping in the 1970s as an efficient way to help people that we’re experiencing a home lockout or business lockouts. However, today when individuals hear lock bumping they want to get familiar with security measures to stop it. Lock bumping uses specially modified keys to exploit some vulnerabilities in some pin tumbler locks. Lock bumping attacks frequently rely on the access that a criminal has to specific key profiles.

Unfortunately, people can purchase most of these key profiles easily. Burglar-proof doors should focus on measures that render their locks bump resistant. This will help stop the probability of a burglar bumping your door lock. Fortunately for most people, bump keys don’t work on autos, which means one less thing to stress over.

Lock Snapping Attacks

Lock snapping isn’t something that many Americans will know about. However, it is a lock attack that criminals use frequently in the UK and other foreign territories. Euro cylinder locks are the most affected by these types of assaults.

Most euro cylinder locks have a weakness in their construction that permits burglars to snap the lock to uncover the revolving cam and the core locking mechanism.

A burglar-proof door lock installation done by professionals

Burglar-proof door lock installation

You can’t burglar-proof doors without first talking about high-security door locks. Yes, a door plays a significant job in home security, but the burden usually falls on the locks.

Picking the correct door lock to complement your door (and back door) is the key to stopping burglar attacks. A quality door lock needs to stop brute force attacks, drilling attacks, lock picking attacks and lock bumping attacks among others.

High-security deadbolt locks with high metal content and the complexity of the lock core are the most essential lock to stop burglar attacks. If you need assistance with a burglar-proof door lock installation, contact us today.