How to Open a Safe without a Key?

Our Orlando Locksmiths experts can open a safe without a key and repair or install all kinds of safes.  Frequently, the safe combination could get lost or the owner locked the key inside the safe. Or, maybe the owner finally wants to use the old safe in the home but lost the key or forgot the combination.

The best way to open a save when the combination gets lost will depend on which safe you have. You can attempt to get into the safe by getting an override key, hiring a locksmith Orlando to make a key, recovering the code to the safe from the maker, breaking into the safe, or drilling the safe open.

Let’s examine the many ways to open a safe without a key.

Can you open a safe without the combination?

How to open a safe without the combination?

Usually, you can get in without destroying the safe using a technique called safe-cracking. A few manufacturers will assist you, but you’ll need the help of a local locksmith in Orlando. Although before any works get done, the expert will require proof of ownership of the safe.

Imagine a scenario in which you lost the combination, but the safe is open. If the safe is open, then a local Orlando locksmith can decode or change the combination to a dial safe and frequently reset an electronic safe lock back to its factory defaults.

Normally, a mobile service charge is standard for safe services unless you drive to the locksmith shop.

Have Your Safe’s Brand and Model on Hand

The locksmith will need to know which sort of safe you have. Why? This gives your locksmith an idea regarding anti-theft measures and security features your save has.

You should find the model, brand and the serial number of the safe so they can research it. You can find the brand easily since the manufacturer put this on the door of the safe. Many manufacturers likewise put the serial number on the bottom of the door.

Finding the model for the safe can be a little difficult since some manufactures put the serial numbers on the back of the safe. Often people bolt down or the weight of the safe won’t allow movement, so it’s almost impossible to get the number.

When you can’t find the model number, but you have the serial number of the safe, your next step is to call the manufacturer of the safe. Just give them the serial number, they will tell you the model.

When you can’t find the brand, model, and serial number of the safe, a locksmith can drill the safe and get into the safe without causing irreparable damage.

Opening Safe with Override Key

Do you have a safe key that could open the safe as opposed to entering the code? Some safe makers, ordinarily cheap safes, give you a second option to get into the safe.

When there is a key override, your safe manufacturer will regularly mail you the override key so you can get into your safe. Once inside, you can reset the electronic lock yourself. Or take the safe to a locksmith shop and they can reset the electronic lock or safe dial in order to save you time.

Often, the safe manufacturer won’t or can’t give a key. Well, don’t worry, the key override can help because a locksmith can frequently access the safe by picking the lock or making a key to it.

If there is a number marked closed to the keyhole of the key override, the Orlando locksmith can quickly enter your safe, with no damage. Note, most high-security safes bring a key that you can use with the combination. You can’t use these as bypassed keys and used to get into the safe all alone.

Safe keys make it simple to get into a safe without drilling the save open saving you cash. When open, a locksmith can reset the combination of the safe.

Safe Dial Combination Retrieval

If you have a safe dial, and you have the serial number, the locksmith can retrieve the original combination to the safe. As long as you never changed the combination, the safe will open.

The locksmith will set the safe combination to whatever numbers you want. If you’d like, the locksmith can change the dial safe with an electronic safe lock.

Electronic Safe Combination Override

Electronic Safe Combination Override

When your safe has an electronic lock, you can use the serial number of the electronic safe lock to check whether there is a master override code for the safe to open. Entering the code will reset the electronic lock so the lock’s default combination works again.

Your local locksmith will need to know the location of the safe and confirm you are the owner of the property. They can’t try these safe opening techniques without ownership verification.

Open a safe by expert drilling

Drilling a safe open

If all else fails, an expert can open your safe with drilling when you lost the combination. With the model and serial number, the locksmith needs specialized tools in order to drill points on the safe that will allow entry into the safe.

The locksmith will know precisely where to drill so the safe doesn’t trigger any of its security measures.

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