Motorcycle Safety Tips for Riders

There is no denying that Orlando Locksmith enjoys motorcycles as there are trendy, fun and fuel efficient on the wallet.

Nonetheless, it is also true that riding a bicycle is more dangerous than driving a vehicle.

The truth, a collision for a motorcyclist, is far more prone to be fatal than as a driver.

Also, getting a flat or losing your keys in a dangerous place could force you to have a long day too!

Many seasonal riders can avoid injuries and steer clear of bicycles accidents without a breaking a sweat.

However, their success stems come from motorcycle safety methods.

To make sure you stay on the safe side of riding and safe everywhere take a look below at Locksmith Orlando tips:

Motorcycle Key Inspection

motorcycle key inspection

Most motorcycle keys don’t bring a transponder (chip) and are standard keys. They come in different forms and style, an alternative keyway for every manufacturer, but aside from that common keys.

That means you lose them the same way. So take your spare key and hide it with a magnetic box below the bike somewhere secure. On the other hand, if the passkey get lost and don’t have any backup plan and your motorcycle is unsecured at a vulnerable place, you then have to call a locksmith.

If the bicycle is an old model, a locksmith could cut you a fresh key. However, they must have a more technical background. Most locksmiths don’t have bicycle key blanks, especially for older bicycles, and perhaps don’t have access to the required info to get this done. The older your bike, the more difficult the job to accomplish but don’t worry our specialist have your back.

Gear Up

In contrast to what most people think, appearing cool isn’t the priority when getting on your bike. Regardless of how hot it’s outside, for instance, shorts, a t-shirt, sandals, and, no helmet remain improper riding apparel. Even jeans deliver minimal protection against injury and road-rash if you slide. However, you can’t go wrong with the right attire like leathers fortified jackets, boots, and pants.

Glasses or goggles are crucial when you’ve got an open-faced helmet and wear gloves to guard your hands. Also, there is specially designed equipment meant for venting and cooling system during the summer. Always ride with a DOT-approved helmet. I know sometimes it makes you look ridiculous but will help you to stay alive.

Inspect your ride

inspect your ride

Do a maintenance checkup before hitting the trail. Things that you need to look over every time you take your motorcycle include tire-pressure, mirrors, gas, and lights. Examining your bike could provide you with a sense of caution as if you find loose bolts, leaks on the floor, and, other mechanical hazards.

Also, become diligent about routine care and maintenance. Do not delay fixing a thing that needs upkeep, run all advocated routine maintenance including oil changes, chain, and suspension alterations, and test the brake pad and tire pressure or wear.

Find your comfort zone

Certainly one of the primary threats to a rider is getting on your bike with the wrong frame of mind. For example, feeling mad, tired or distracted may be a recipe for disaster. Remember, once you take off on the motorcycle you’re the only one driving. If your mindset is anywhere else other than the trail ahead, you’re vulnerable to making rookie mistakes which may lead to a wreck, injuries, and death.

Anticipate the weather

anticipate the weather

Weather is an everyday occurrence even for ideal driving conditions, but the risks of icy or wet roads multiply whenever you’re driving. Not only do you have two fewer tires of an auto for stability but also the absence of a windshield along with the exposure to driving rain increases the risk. So, check the weather from an “accurate forecaster”!

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