Meet Orlando Local-Lock LLC Owner

We feel we have to get the word out on who is at the helm at one of the best up and coming locksmith company in Orlando. We would like to introduce Yaniv, the owner of this quality Local-Lock LLC

Yaniv tells us he started this business to give an honest quality service to our neighbors here in Orange County, Florida. His dream is to grow Local-Lock into a powerhouse when we search locksmith Orlando.

We asked Yaniv to tell us how he is accomplishing this goal.

He talked about the lack of honesty in the locksmithing industry in Florida and the country in general. He understands that the hard-working people in our city work hard for their wages, and when Yaniv see’s locksmiths being dishonest he feels it makes good locksmiths look bad.

What Separates Local-Lock From The Pack?

quality customer service

To combat this issue, Local Lock will give you a free estimate on the phone. If we can’t give you accurate pricing due to lack of knowledge, we offer a service call for $19.99.

Local-Lock Protects Your Property.

I asked Yaniv about the problem some clients experience with inexperience locksmiths damaging doors, locks, and other property damages. He is well aware of the stories of lock repair companies damaging property and then upselling to repair the damage at an outrageous price.

Yaniv say’s that a professional locksmith should make sure there aren’t any other options before breaking a door or lock and if that’s the only option he lets the client know what will be the cost.

He said to combat this issue the experts that work with Local Locksmith in Orlando pass rigorous tests to make sure they are qualified to give his clients the best service possible. He also teaches them how to provide excellent customer service with a smile.

Emergency Locksmith Service Under 20 Minutes

Most people have locked themselves out of our cars, residence or businesses at some point in their lives; I know I have. The worst scenario is locking yourself late night in a not so good area of the city. In this time of distress, we hope we find a lockout locksmith that will give us the best time to reach us. Yaniv of Local-Lock Inc assures you that if he can’t make it, he will let you know and recommend you a good locksmith.

Where is the proof of the Quality Service?

local-lock reviews
  • I asked this owner to show us some proof that he is a top locksmith company? He says to check out his company’s reviews. When we checked the business, it has an impressive 5-star review ranking on Google My Business.
  • We decided it wasn’t enough and checked the BBB for locksmiths in Orlando. To our surprise, the company has no complains, which is rare in this industry.

So we went to Mapquest and there it was five stars there too. So we did the thing most people don’t do and look into ripoff report a website that specializes in exposing companies, and Local-Lock wasn’t there. However, there were lots of locksmith proving what this owner said was true.

Know that you know what this exceptional company offers why don’t you give them a call to solve your lock security issues. They are experts in Residential, Commercial and Automobile locksmith services.

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