Top Reasons Installing an Alarm System Benefits Homeowners

Benefits of Installing an Alarm System

Locksmith in Ocoee, FL, know buying and installing a quality home alarm system can be expensive, however not installing one could cost you a lot more. The safety and security of your home and family are homeowner’s top concerns and it should be without a doubt.

Thus, it is critical that you invest into a home security system. If you’re new to the alarm system, then know that these systems have made some amazing progress in recent years.

Today they do more than scare off burglars and strangers. Besides having emergency services automatically dispatched, most alarm systems likewise monitor fire and carbon monoxide dangers.

Here is expert Locksmith in Orlando, FL, top reasons you should invest in an alarm system today.

Installing an alarm system can deter burglars and thieves

forced entry attack with hammer

Why should you install an alarm system? Well, to keep your family safe from intruders for one. The visual sign of an alarm system can make a burglar hesitant and they probably will reconsider before breaking into your home. Most burglaries occur during the day not night so if someone attempts to burglarize your home, then the security system going off might scare them off.

According to Science Daily, homes without security system have fewer probabilities of being targeted by burglars. This means an alarm system can scare off burglars much of the time and keep your family, valuables, and home protected.

Often, intruders may target a home when individuals from the family are still inside. For the criminal who enters the home expecting an empty home, finding you or your family members can turn this crime into a home invasion. Having an alarm system set up can give relatives enough warning to get to a safe area or room while the alarm system dispatches local authorities.

You can monitor your home remotely

The modern alarm systems allows people to monitor their home remotely. Interestingly, you just need a PC or your smartphone and internet connection to monitor your home.

Also, some alarm systems permit you to turn the lights on or off. This is an incredible feature to use, particularly if you’re away on vacation for a few days. This will give the illusion that somebody is home.

Installing an alarm system can save money on homeowner’s insurance

alarm system savings on home insurance

The expense of homeowner’s insurance will fluctuate on the house, the insurance agency, coverage, area you live in, and other factors. However, you may qualify to get a discount if your home has an alarm system installed professionally.

The more modern the system, the higher the discount you could get for the insurance. Never hurts to call your insurance agency after or before you install your alarm system.

Installing an alarm system can also protect your home against carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless gas, and your heating system or the oven can release it. Individuals can’t sense this gas in the air as they breathe, yet a security system can detect it if there’s a high measure of carbon monoxide in your house and alert you immediately.

The mention of a home security system can bring people thoughts of home protection. However, an installed alarm system likewise gives other protection to homeowners. While many homeowners depend upon smoke alarms to alert them of a fire occurrence, home security systems offer an even earlier signal.

Ensures your home against fires

An installed alarm system can prevent house fires

Besides alerting home residents of the presence of smoke in the home, an installed alarm system can also warn of sources of heat and contact authorities. Remember, where there is smoke, there is fire. But where there is heat, there could be a building on fire. So, it is essential to include heat detectors into a fire prevention technique.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, in only thirty seconds a minor fire can turn into a monster fire. In a matter of minutes of a fire situation, it will fill the home with thick black smoke that makes it improbable for relatives to breathe. These two facts alone can convince homeowners of the significance of having a home security system that will call authorities to respond.

Time is the greatest factor in any crisis, but regarding fires, time is of the essence. A few wasted minutes could mean the destruction of a home. And the entirety of its valuables and worse, even death to the residents.

Local Lock LLC can help you in the installation of an alarm system for your home

Burglars will feel discouraged if they see a home with an installed alarm system. Fortunately, the modern security systems give more protection to your family and valuables.

Our Locksmith in Orlando can recommend a quality and fair priced alarm system for your protection. This will ultimately improve your home security.

How Can Homeowners Prevent Successful Door-to-Door Scams?

Door-to-Door Scams

Unfortunately, burglar scams appear to be increasingly common lately or better known as door-to-door scams. However, with the right training, Locksmith in Windermere, FL, believe almost everyone can avoid being a victim.

I talk a lot about front door lock security on this website because a lot of houses break-ins happen through the doors of private property. Often, a burglar knocks as a salesperson and just walks in through an opened door or a door where it’s straightforward to pick the lock.

In other cases, the burglar tells the homeowner a sad story while their buddy is inside burglarizing via the open patio door. If you’ve read our locksmith in Orlando, FL,  expert articles, you should know that it’s possible to put tough security deterrents like sturdy deadbolt locks with a bit of cash.

Home security involves knowing the dangers and potential perils in and around your home. It likewise incorporates education intended to protect your family and valuables from burglars.

So, let’s read the most common scenarios you should keep an eye out if you want to keep away from any successful burglar scam besides some tips to avoid scams all-together.

Door-to-Door Scams-Contractor Fraud

contractor door-to-door scams

Be careful with contractors who knock on your home or call you on the telephone searching for work. Some will reveal to you they were simply driving by and noticed you required another roof, sliding door, or garage door.

However, they may not be contractors, not trained, not authorized, or without insurance. These contractor scammers will typically offer the work at a low cost or a lot lower than what the job is worth.

Also, they will expect you to pay in advance. The truth, you will give them the cash and never see them again. Expert, reliable contractors don’t go door-to-door asking for work, and they require no cash in advance. But, if they do ask for money, find another contractor.

Door-to-Door Scams-Fake Emergency

They use mostly this scam than others. A utility worker will show up at your doorstep claiming there’s a gas leak or flood in your street and needs to come in to turn off your supply.

While you’re at the place, the burglar wants you to be at, for example, the basement, his accomplice steals your valuables while you’re distracted with the emergency. If you do catch them in the act, you may face a home invasion which can turn into a worst or mortal situation.

Door-to-Door Scams-The Sympathy Card

The sympathy card scam

This scam tries to get you distracted while listening to an unhappy story. This is like the “I lost my dog or cat” con. A thief can knock on your door and tell you they urgently need your assistance with whatever situation therein. For instance, “My car broke down, can you please lend me your telephone?” or “My car ran out of gas, can I borrow some cash or a gas can?”

Besides the fact that you give them the chance to burglarize your home, you also showing them the inside of your home if they are unsuccessful in gaining entry into your home the first time.

Scammers use fake authority to fool you

Another way scams occur is by someone acting like a census surveyor, who knocks at your front door and starts asking detailed questions, for example:

  • Financial status
  • Your social security number.
  • Where do you work and even the hours?
  • If you have children or not.
  • Some bold enough to ask if you have or need an alarm system.

This scam works because cons use the fact that people trust individuals who look like an expert or official. Imagine if you see a police officer or a fireman with their uniforms, wouldn’t you let them inside your home?

However, the first thing you can do is request a badge number and paperwork work which states who they claim to be.

How to prevent a successful scam?

peephole installation

So how to protect yourself from the distraction scammer, well these hints below will assist you with preventing a scam:

Install a deadbolt lock and a peephole or door viewer. Plus, metal security doors where meant for situations like these.

If you don’t know the person behind your door, don’t open it! Nobody said you’re obligated to open the door.

But if the con or person is very convincing, call a neighbor or friend that lives nearby to come to accompany you. One can check the perimeter of your home and the other can monitor the guest while opening your door.

If they lure you outside of your home, try to lock the door behind you. Also, lock all entrances leading into your house for example, patio glass door and windows.

The Good Samaritan in you shouldn’t disappear, so if you’re in a position where you want to help someone, call a neighbor or friend nearby to come and help.

If you’re not sure, don’t open the door!

Remember, to protect your home, you have to be vigilant. Always ask questions, and demand answers. Scammers depend on you being trusting, decent, and not the person to offend someone. The distracting scammer can bring a devastating outcome.

Homeowners can lose their genuine feelings of serenity and confidence, plus their valuables. Be careful and safe every time you open the door!

Why Hire a Locksmith Instead of Doing It Yourself?

hire a locksmith instead of DIY

When you need a locksmith in Orlando service, you just have two alternatives; hire a locksmith expert or doing it yourself. Both alternatives have their benefits but you still have to consider what you will gain or lose in every situation.

Hiring an expert locksmith in Winter Garden, FL is considered the best choice by many people than doing it yourself. There are many reasons offered to support that suggestion. Doing it yourself will save you some cash in the short-run. However, may influence the quality of the workmanship that you will pay for in the long run.

Here are some reasons you should hire a locksmith rather than DIY.

Locksmiths offer a wide range of services

commercial locksmith in Orlando services

If you don’t know the methods of installing and fixing locks, you may need a locksmith service. An expert locksmith in Orlando service offers various types of services to fulfill the necessities of their clients. Expert locksmith companies will ensure their workers are well-prepared and can install any lock properly.

Odds are you will cause more damage when attempting to change a lock all by yourself since you don’t have the essential experience and abilities locksmiths have.

A few of the services they offer include duplication of smart locks, electronic locks, vehicle keys, ignition repairs, key cutting services, replacing lost keys, lock picking, and installing and fixing locks. So, instead, call an expert when faced with locksmith issues as opposed to attempting to do it yourself.

Locksmiths Have the Right Equipment

Installing or changing locks isn’t as simple as it looks. You will require the right tools to do the job and the information on the best ways to use them.

The professional locksmith uses specific tools that work only for specific locks, so it’s best not to use whatever you have in your tool kit and let an expert deal with your lock problems. Having the correct tools will guarantee the door and the lock won’t get damaged.

Locksmith Can Provide Valuable Advice

door lock security

Using a locksmith has its advantages. If someone calls a locksmith because their lock broke or failed, then they’ll fix the issue to protect the home and the property from burglars.

The locksmith can also provide recommendations so your property won’t become a potential target for intruders. However, if you install a lock yourself, it can make your home vulnerable to burglar attacks.

Also, our locksmiths can offer you the best advice on picking the correct lock for your needs depending on your budget.

Locksmiths work 24 hours

Most locksmith companies offer quick services and have many specialists on standby in case you call for help.

At Local Lock LLC, we’re accessible 24 hours every day for many locksmith jobs and services. So regardless if it’s day or late at night, you can call and we’ll get to you inside 30 minutes.

Why our locksmith so quick to answer the call? Since our locksmiths live and patrol inside the area they serve, then they can show up at your home quickly.

Hiring a Locksmith Is the Best Option

hiring a locksmith is the best alternative

DIY is a risky approach regarding fixing your door lock or installing a new lock. Imagine you will lose your valuable time attempting to make sense of how to do things right, plus a lot of cash too since you may end up breaking the security system.

Instead of carrying out the responsibility all alone, experts can ensure the first-class quality of work. When you hire a locksmith they can help people with many business or home emergencies just as lock upgrades and fixes. Providing quality is a key part of expert services since this keeps them in business.

Besides the above benefits, proficient locksmiths can give you supportive security tips for your home that can help you in preventing future emergencies. Skilled and well-prepared locksmiths can deal with doors and locks made of different materials.

In conclusion, hiring an expert locksmith in Orlando company has long-term benefits compared to DIY. Although it requires more money, it is justified.

What are the Lock Door Hardware Parts Names and Functions?

lock door hardware parts names

Locksmith in Winter Park, FL, specialists realizes it bodes well to understand the lock door hardware parts names and know how they work. Because the lock on your door is the most or one of the best security deterrents that protect your property, valuables, and your family from intruders.

When you have an issue with the door lock, the best thing you could do is call a specialist locksmith Orlando who has the essential knowledge and ability to deal with any issue that may emerge. There are many kinds of doors and locks available today, so they don’t build all of them the same.

But, the fundamental door lock hardware parts included for this post you can find them in stores and many homes nowadays.

The door latch

Often called a bolt, the latch is a piece of metal that extends out into the door jamb through the strike plate. The lock component engages with the bolt inside the entryway and holds the door shut.

You can find two fundamental types of locks:

Spring latches. A spring mechanism holds the bolt. The spring compresses to open the bolt.  When the bolt is released, it automatically returns into a locked position.

Deadbolts. This latch doesn’t have a spring-loading mechanism and the operator can lock or open it using a key or with a doorknob put on one side of the door.

A big difference between deadbolts and spring latches is the first don’t have doorknobs or handles and the second does.

Likewise, people see the deadbolts as the more secure choice since people can only move a deadbolt to the open position by rotating the lock cylinder with the right key.

So, it’s more difficult to open a door with a deadbolt without the right key.

The Door lock cylinder

door lock cylinder

The lock cylinders are essential lock door hardware parts since this is where you insert your key. If an intruder uses the wrong key, the door won’t open.

So how does the cylinder know when you use the correct key? The mechanism uses a set of spring-loaded pins that keep the cylinder from turning when engaged unless the operator uses the right key.

When you insert the right key into the cylinder, the uneven edge pushes the pins upward to different heights. When the operator uses the right key, all the pins move into its right position and height for the lock and the door unlocks.

If the wrong key gets used, the key won’t turn inside the cylinder.

The Strike Plate

The strike plate is the metal plate that connects to the door frame. A powerful feature is that it has a hole or holes (otherwise called the box) for the latch of the door.

The primary purpose of the strike plate is to lead the latch bolt from the cylinder into the box of the doorframe and reinforce the lock mechanism. When the operator activates the lock, the bolt extends out into the hole in the strike plate to keep the entryway shut.

Today, strike plates come in many shapes and styles. For example:



Flat on one side and rounded on the other.

The Conclusion to Lock Door Hardware Parts

Remember, it’s critical to know that an electric lock has a different unique setup. Now, if you have a traditional lock, this can help you understand how locks function.

So if you need reliable locksmith Orlando services, get assistance from Local Lock LLC.

Not sold on traditional door lock hardware parts and their functions, try electronic locks!

Electronic Door Locks

Innovation has brought us significant improvements to home and business security. Specifically, people always want to protect their property by upgrading locks and installing other security deterrents. That’s where electronic locks come into play. Electronic locks are new and great alternatives available for homeowners and business owners.

Electronic locks work differently than traditional spring or deadbolt locks. They work with magnets and small electric-powered motors that the operator can activate to open and close. Electronic locks function with the right keypad combination, key fob, access card, or biometric, for example, fingerprints or retina to open.

Smart Electronic Locks bring the added capability of being controlled remotely through a smartphone application. The operator can monitor traffic, limit access through specific doors, lock and unlock doors, and can even activate the security system remotely.

Typically, smart locks have a mechanical key cylinder to permit access with a traditional key in case you forget your code.

How can Senior Citizens Burglar Proof Their Home against Intruders?

Senior Citizens Burglar Proof Their Home

Locksmith near me knows that is tough for caregivers or family members to burglar-proof a home for senior citizens. Home is the place senior citizens should feel the most secure.

However, since many seniors live alone, have debilitating physical abilities, and have less understanding of modern technology, they can become easy objectives to burglars and thieves.

Do you have an old loved one who might be vulnerable to criminal offenses? Then, read our Locksmith in Kissimmee, FL, tips to find the most ideal ways senior citizens can burglar-proof their home against burglary?

Why do criminals target senior citizens?

Mental and Physical Health: One of the most common reasons burglars attack seniors is that elderly people live alone and are isolated from everyone. Plus, they may have mental or physical disabilities, making them easy targets for criminals.

Senior citizens can fall to a wide range of scams and telephone tricks that the younger crowd will ignore or know about. As people get older, criminals may think their chances of fighting back may lower to zero.

Predictability: Seniors will usually stick to the same routines, making it simple for a criminal to know when they won’t be home.

Area: Seniors will live close to towns so they don’t need to walk or drive far to get food supplies and see their doctor.  Cities have higher rates of crime than rural areas.

Lack of Crime Reporting: Often, seniors that live alone won’t go to the police or remember the incident. So, police can prosecute the criminal, making it simpler for the criminal to get away from prosecution.

How can senior citizens protect themselves?

deadbolt lock

Properties without security deterrents have more chances of getting attacked than those properties that have them in place. Therefore, read our straightforward security recommendations that can have huge effects on protecting a seniors’ home from robbery, burglary, and theft.

  • Keeping doors and windows locked at all times. Burglars usually enter through an open or unlocked window or door. Thus, this is one of the main security weaknesses senior citizens should address.
  • Sturdy exterior doors need a deadbolt lock to fight off burglar forced entry techniques like kicking. 72% of burglars will enter through a door or window, which makes strong wood or metal doors a wise investment. Likewise, having a sturdy lock that can withstand lock-picking and forced entry attacks will increase the security level of the property.
  • Mounting a door peephole means seniors will know who is on the other side of the door without having to open it.
  • Fortified windows. Any windows that are located on the ground floor of your property, or that can be easily reached by a burglar need a sturdy lock. Some locksmith can replace the manufacture’s latch to a sturdy lock easily. Also, you can place a security film and a sturdier lock on a patio door to increase security.
  • Great outside lighting. A dark home around evening time can give a signal to criminals to attack. Things like accent lights, string lights, wall lighting, and motion-activated lights will assist seniors with protecting their homes against burglary.
  • Inside lighting. Often, by leaving a light on night time will deter burglars from wanting to break into a property.
  • Keep valuables away from the window and the views from strangers. Seniors should use window curtains, drapes, or blinds to prevent snooping individuals from attempting to look inside.

Installing a CCTV Security System can help seniors burglar-proof their home

CCTV Security System

CCTV cameras can permit you to monitor a home besides helping keep burglars and thieves at bay– telling them that a property is protected.

Below are some advantages of installing a CCTV security system on a property of a senior citizen:

Senior citizens might be vulnerable to untrusted caregivers and clinical staff that steal or beat them. Well, while most are trusted, it’s smarter to have a backup. The family members of senior citizens can install surveillance cameras to prevent burglary and caregiver attacks in the home.

If you want privacy at home, you can shut the camera off.

You can watch the property through a dedicated application on your cell phone, tablet, or computer, regardless of your location. A monitor service can help out too with the tracking unapproved individuals if the senior citizen can work the electronics.

The infrared LED night vision ensures that you have a secure property 24/7.

Need assistance with the installation method, call a locksmith in Kissimmee today!

Our expert locksmiths in Kissimmee can install a sturdy traditional lock, smart lock, and a security system.

That should give you peace of mind knowing that your parents are safe from criminals who want to take advantage of them.