Home Lock Security For Vacation


Home Lock security has been on your mind since planning a vacation. Vacations are fun, however, the last thing we want to think about is the house’s locks. We wonder is the installation of padlocks & window locks will keep burglars out?

An effective way is to protect your home is to install a security system, but choosing a locksmith Orlando, FL company can be hard. Now a pro locksmith can handle home security system installations. What can you look for before making a selection on your home security?

Home security can feel very tech-savvy, and you may feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry we are going to give you a closer look. Here some bullet points to view to clarify what you need before hiring a locksmith.

What makes Up A Home Security System?

use other forms of security
Video surveillance

We gave you links on the bullet points we get the most questions on, besides that give us a call if you need a home security system installation. Our company specializes in home security lock and, equally commercial security systems. Now we will talk about hiring the right company.

Keep in mind that it’s not the security system you choose, but the company that installs it! Make sure that the locksmith company has experience in the type of security you need. Also read their reviews online, furthermore, ask for referrals. Not everyone is nice and won’t answer your questions correctly.

Other Things To Do Secure Your Home While On Vacation


Improve your chances of not getting your home broken in with these tips. Secure all your doors before living, equally important are your windows and doors. Don’t give burglars easy access!

Being friendly with your neighbors may be tough to do, on the other hand, they can alert the cops if they see unknown people around your home. So getting along with your neighbors can be a blessing.

Living outside lights on at night can also deter theft, for fear that they can be seen by someone and arrested. Consider putting lights on timers to mimic the normal movements in your home. This is very effective and free.

Ok, folks there you have it, these are some excellent tips to use when you’re going on vacation. So try calling a locksmith that’s an expert in security and trustworthiness. These tips will keep your home secure and safe, good luck and have a safe trip.

Pick Resistant Locks, How They work?

Pick a resistent lock, how?Industries nowadays have manufacture and installation of locks that are pick resistance, even though intruders or thieves always find a way to get in, there are now locks that are pick resistance. In this articles, I’ll talk about some of these locks the name brand and how they work.Here a simple definition of a Pick Resistances Lock, these locks have an extra set of Tumbler or Locking Apparatus so that in effect the key has to do two things at once. Because of their resistance to manipulation, these locks are also resistant to key bumping, locksmith Orlando. Bump Key is basically a regular key with the exception that has slots for pins filed far enough down to fit any lock. Some thieves will go as far as to 3D print bump keys and any thieve with a few of these can open just about any home he wants. Now, remember that lock picking and lock bumping is not the same.A little about bump proof locks…https://yourhomesecuritywatch.com/bump-proof-locks-our-top-3/Before diving into the goodies here an article that I thought was interesting on the history of lock picking a good read…. https://yourhomesecuritywatch.com/best-pick-resistant-locks-top-3/ Some of the Brands that are out there and that have good reputationSince the early 1900’s Schlage has provided excellent and effective security locking solutions. They’re still doing a great job with one of their latest Pick Resistance Lock the Schlage Sense BE479. This product has gotten high reviews online, with a best-in-class security, a simple mobile app and a solid design. This lock can detect when someone unlocks the door with a key or the keypad. This feature is what makes it very unique and uncommon among smart locks.Next on our list is the NextBolt NX3SN EZMount Deadbolt, just the name sounds very sophisticated and very high tech. This lock has the most recent lock technology in the market which is Biometric, for those of you don’t know what it is, it’s pretty cool, you can Face Recognition, Retina Authentication, and Finger Recognition among others. It allows up 99 finger and it’s very easy to use not only that it includes an Impact Alarm so if someone tries to break in, a high-pitched alarm sound to you and anyone nearby and scare the intruder.The Yale Real Living YRD220 made the list also
Yale real living deadbolt lock
With this keypad you can program codes for your guest and send them through e-mails and texts.
Like The Schlage Company the Yale Company has been providing our communities with superb Security Locking Solution, they’ve been in the market for over a century and in itself should say a lot. This Lock features a keypad that does not have key fobs but uses voice-assistance setup to help program the keypad. With this keypad you can program codes for your guest and send them through e-mails and texts. Always of course having the option to override the lock password with a physical key, by using the traditional keyhole included in the system. Not forgetting that like schlage the Yale Real Living has a built-in siren sound in case of a break in.This next lock is the Kwikset SmartCode 916, this lock has a pretty need feature that allows you to use a touchscreen keypad where you will input your secret code. You may say that we’ve seen this before on other lock well the difference on this one is that the keypad will display two random numbers you touch before inputting your key code. What this does is scatter fingerprints, so intruder can’t predict the digits from your code. Also featuring a build-in Alarm that will go off once too many wrong codes have been entered.Next on the list we have the Kwikset SmartCode 991 Cameron Entry Knob and Single Cylinder Deadbolt Combo Pack. Now this lock is for the folks that can’t afford a Keyless entry deadbolt. With a more simple but secure feature this lock offers a smart key technology. This lock is also UL Certified which means it will resist lock bumping, picking and drilling. It also comes with a re-key feature. Well folks I hope this articles has help you and answered some of your questions when it comes to pick resistant lock and how they work.

Find A Good Locksmith Company

don't go too farWe can all become expert on giving out tips, advice or recommendations when needing a good locksmith company. But you have to take into consideration the following. In this article, we are going to bite into the important things to keep in mind before making that important call to a locksmith company.Now we are going to talk first about locksmith companies that are certified. You have to be careful because unfortunately some associations where logo use and web promotion is available through payment alone, therefore meaning their locksmith accreditation actually doesn’t mean everything, research more!Again be careful and do your research before just calling any company with a lot of logos that don’t mean anything, try to contact companies that are certified by the government.

24 Hour Locksmiths

locksmithing at a glance24-hour service should be at the top of your list also before calling, you know that some emergency always happens at the least expected moment and being in a lockout of your home at 2 am can be one of them, be sure that your locksmith company on your directory has 24 hours assistance. Believe it or not, asking friends or family members for recommendation can be very helpful, so the use of a locksmith is something very common so I’m sure a friend or a family member has used one in their past don’t hesitate on asking them.When finding the right locksmith it’s good that they offer multiple types of services, may it be auto or residential. You never know what you might need them for.

Comparing prices is not always an excellent idea.

 Thinking that the lowest price is the better option can sometimes be the worst and companies with very low prices may be the little fish who’s been thrown into the tank to go against the sharks, and may not compete in with qualification and therefore justify it with their low prices.This is why it’s also recommended that you do your research, a way can be through BBB (Better Business Bureau) and by paying close attention to customer reviews. Confirm also they’re using a local address, and call them outside normal working hours to make sure they’ve got phone coverage for emergencies.Look also for a locksmith in your area that has experience. Being a great locksmith it’s not just learning the fundamentals of the trade, so having a lot of real-life situations counts for something. Try finding out how long a prospective locksmith has been working in the community. The new guy who started a 1 year ago won’t have the experience and expertise of a veteran locksmith. But what about if he worked for a big company for 10 years? That’s why it’s good to ask questions for big jobs.

Always ask for Identification

 it is very important to check id’s, all licensed locksmith have a master security license number (https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/check-security-master-licence ) this number should be displayed on their vehicle and on their photo identity card.Being a member of the Master locksmiths Association can be a definitely plus so looks for that also. This ways you can reassure that the locksmith has a certain level of competency and will guarantee their work. You want someone that will do job and do it right!

The last two locksmithing things that are as important as the ones I mentioned before are.

Request an Estimate. Even before they get to your home or car whatever the situation may be, be sure to get an estimate that includes the cost of all labor and the replacement parts for the lock. A locksmith with a good reputation will give you an estimate over the phone. Also ask about additional fees including: Extra charges for service in the middle of the night or weekends, or if there is a charge for the millage they must travel. If once they get to your home the price varies or isn’t the same, don’t let them even start work.And last but not least is always a great idea to save any information about the company and even the locksmith that did the job. Get an itemized invoice that includes: parts, labor, mileage, and other fees and save them for future reference.These are some tips that I highly recommend before calling or finding a good locksmith company, I hope they help with your future decisions.

The dangers of bumping for the safety of our home

Throughout all these years the bumping method has been a technique widely used by professionals in the sector for the opening of all types of doors. Ideal to provide 24-hour emergency locksmith services, it allowed solving any problem from very few tools and the skill of expert hands. A professional locksmith in Orlando is a must when you have a problem with a lock or a key.Also, the use of this method avoided damaging the opening mechanism and did not leave any type of mark. However, the use of this technique is increasingly worrying business owners and neighbors. Locksmiths in Orlando had been attending cases of bumping more frequently lately. And the fact is that the bumping method has become another tool for criminal gangs to try to violate the security of our homes. However, before going deeper into this topic, we will try to inform you about the operation of this technique.

What is bumping?

Bumping method consists in making a hit to the pistons through a key that has been manipulated for this type of work. In this way, the shaking of the disks through a dry blow causes the displacement of the pistons during a brief period.locksmith in OrlandoHowever, this short period is more than enough for cheap locksmiths 24 hours, and other professionals in the sector turn the key and get open the door. In the wrong hands, this method of the opening can pose a real threat to the security of our home. We are about to inform you about how popular this technique is and what we can do to protect ourselves.

Problems that bumping can cause

The main problem about bumping is that the vast majority of cylinders that are currently installed in USA are highly susceptible to be harmed by this technique. In this sense, several studies calculate that around 90% of the European profile cylinders do not have protection measures in this regard. Reliable locksmiths in Orlando, Fl will help you with high quality service in this manner.As if this were not enough, nowadays any user can access the necessary information to practice this technique on their own, being able to find on the web a multitude of instructions and manuals, as well as detailed explanatory videos. On the other hand, as we indicated earlier, the use of this method leaves no trace that could give the alarm in the neighborhood during our absence.For this reason, it is one of the most used techniques during the summer season to steal homes and developments throughout the country. This not only puts the integrity of our house at risk, but it could hinder our ability to negotiate when it comes to hiring home insurance, especially if we have already suffered a theft of this type in the past. Luckily, there are solutions in the market to counteract these types of techniques and provide the extra protection we need. To do this, we must always place our trust in a professional in the sector such as an Orlando locksmith, requesting the necessary advice to make the best decision.

What can we do to prevent it?

Requesting a personalized profile key is one of the best options that our local locksmith could give us due to its effectiveness and the excellent price-quality ratio. Usually, the buildings have a specific model of bulbs for all homes. If a thief has a key manipulated for this type of lock, he could easily enter each house of the building through the bumping method. Among the profiles most affected by this technique are the serreta keys, the flat keys, and the regatta models. To avoid this, a personalized profile key from a patented brand would provide us with a differentiating element that would serve as protection against thieves.protection measuresOn the other hand, the key profiles with which it is not possible to perform the dumping technique are cruciform, pomp or tubular design keys. If you were thinking about installing high-security locks, it is essential to make sure beforehand if they are prepared with antibumping systems and opt for brands of locks of recognized prestige in the sector.And it is that in the sector there is a wide variety of locks that do not have these protective measures, being able to take us a surprise if we do not give it the importance it requires. As we have indicated before, the best thing we can do in this type of situation is to place our trust in a professional locksmith. Because guaranteeing security in our home is priceless.

The secrets of the locksmith

Did you lose a key to your house or car, and did you have to call the locksmith services? Easy, it has all happened to us once. But the next time you have to call one, keep in mind these secrets that the locksmiths will never tell you. You have to have a locksmith near you for when you have to go to it. Lost keys are not a joke. Before calling local locksmith services, try opening the doors and windows. In many cases, when the locksmith arrives, it turns out that the door is open, or there is another way to enter the house, like a window, or you remember that a neighbor has a set of keys and you regret having called him. The advantage of a locksmith near you is the estimated response time. You will not have the chance to regret having hired your services. They will already be at the door of your house. If you’re not locked out your home or if it’s not an emergency service, think first. The advantage of a locksmith near you is the estimated response time 

Advice near you

 Defeating or open the locks of the standard locks is easy. Most standard locks are mass produced by reputable manufacturers, but with deficient standards. The best lock is a bolt installed correctly. A properly installed pin must be at least three centimeters from the side of the door frame once it is closed and must have a safety plate with screws at least three inches long, which go all the way to the bottom of the wooden frame of the door. If you have glass in or near the door, a bolt does not work. Keep in mind that if you can break a window or door glass, you can insert your hand and run the pin. For this case, it is best to install a double cylinder lock that needs a key inside. Sometimes they will charge you based on where you are. If you call because you lost your car key and you’re in the parking lot of an elegant restaurant, you will not be charged the same as if you were out of kindergarten. His reasoning is simple: if you have money for an excellent restaurant, you have money to pay for the locksmith services. For that reason, it is better to work with professional locksmiths who have fixed rates and are recommended.

The best locksmith nearby

 The locksmiths are professionals who are usually known for opening emergency locks, although, in reality, they perform many other tasks within their sector. The sector in which the locksmiths or locksmiths fit is that of security. They try to understand and install security systems in doors and windows with the clear objective of preventing thieves from entering the offices or homes. A quality security system such as an armored door is characterized by a suitable lock that protects users who want to access the interior without any permission from the owner. But what should we take into account when hiring a locksmith? Next, we are going to indicate some tips to hire a quality locksmith. Defeating or open the locks of the standard locks is easy.  Find locksmiths with years of experience. The years of experience are significant in the subject of locksmiths since the more experience, the better they know how to interpret the security problems that a lock can present. The most experienced businesses usually have in their hands more tools or more knowledge to try a lock so look for a locksmith who has several years of work experience in the security sector. Trusted professionals Our advice is that you look for locksmiths who are professionals of confidence, that is to say, that they accumulate good work among our friends and family since that will give us more security when hiring locksmith work. If we do not have any trusted locksmith, we can always stick to the years of experience and the quality of their work. Management of different opening techniques is essential. Experienced professionals are able to open many jammed doors or old locks thanks to their skill and the handling of several sophisticated tools. It is crucial that we consider this factor to choose our locksmith near us since it is essential that the person we call opens our door quickly in case of greater urgency and this is done with years of experience and quality tools. The good locksmiths not only dedicate themselves to opening emergency locks but also install safes, check the security of the house, install reinforcements on doors and windows, etc. A good locksmith company is characterized by applying for comprehensive protection in the home, with the aim of avoiding intrusions due to carelessness or weak points. What is the use of reinforcing the main door with a home security lock if they can enter through the back door?