Keyless Entry Systems Top Benefits

Keyless entry systems are almost a standard feature of all modern vehicles. Many modern vehicles have keyless entry systems that prevent owners from calling a car locksmith in Orlando for a lockout situation. The advantages can often go unnoticed until they prove to be useful for you.

Keyless entry systems, or known as keyless start, keyless push-button start, and a smart or intelligent key. This feature permits you to start up your motor without looking for a key in your pocket. This keyless entry system brings many advantages that Orlando Locksmith experts will talk about below:

Keyless Entry Systems offer better security

Keyless entry systems offer better security

Car owners will always worry about car burglars. We must take security seriously to secure any valuables and property, including your vehicle. Regular metal keys don’t give the added security that a keyless entry system does.

By pressing a button on the smart or intelligent key-chain, vehicle owners can lock/open their vehicle trunk, and often start their motors. Thieves can duplicate standard keys for entry, however keyless entry system functions by sending messages to the vehicle. It is a more difficult locking mechanism to compromise than a regular key.


You’re leaving the store from Christmas shopping with bags full of goodies. Walking while you carry them is not a big deal. However, when you make it to your vehicle, you need to get your keys out to open the trunk. This is difficult for many reasons.

First, during Christmas shopping, you have to be on the lookout for thieves. Also, with bags in arms, and keys in hand, you twist down to open the trunk. Frustrated, you put them on the floor to insert the key but a thief passes by and takes your bags into a getaway car leaving you shocked.

Take a step back and rewind everything as if you had a keyless entry system. This time your arms are still full of bags as you try to find the parking garage. As you approach your trunk, it opens easily and you quickly put your bags in the storage compartment. All you needed to do was press the button for the truck to open. The car convenience can save you from a robbery or theft by making a fast entry to the safety of your car.

Keyless entry systems can save your day from being a long one

Keyless system can save you from a rainy day

Often, locking the vehicle can slip our mind for various reasons. When you travel home, and out of nowhere rains hard. When you drive up to your house or worse, an apartment parking lot, you’d prefer to quickly get in the property as dry as you can under the circumstances. For the many people without a carport, it’s a crazy race to the front door and out of the downpour.

Often, you carry your smartphone and laptop around, meaning you can get those items wet. So, you leave them in the car and you run fast to get inside and dry, but you just realized you didn’t lock the vehicle doors. Would you remember to lock your car after the storm passes and lock the doors? Do you think car burglars don’t like rain?

It’s smart and upsetting to go back to your car to lock it right? However, it’s better to have a keyless entry system. No real reason to return to get wet. A remote keyless entry permits you to lock/open the door from the house or apartment.

Security measurements

Individuals regularly end up in dangerous situations and dark places. You can refuge yourself inside the vehicle from rain as well as from different dangers. You’re leaving an apartment party late at night, but you stay to help with the clean-up.

You parked far from the safety of the apartment people, and this is when the problems start. You feel a presence and it’s a bizarre-looking man walking behind you, and as you speed up, he speeds up. Now, you’ve convinced yourself that he’s following you.

During the fallout of looking for your keys and trying to insert it into the lock, and open the vehicle door, you’re attacked and beaten or worse. A keyless entry system would have opened the door allowing you to slip into the driver’s seat. You could have used the alarm to scare the criminal away and call the police.

Safety measures

car push to start system

Keyless start systems bring security measures so your vehicle doesn’t spring to life at the wrong time. Pre-start safety checks by the vehicle’s computer guarantee that the vehicle is in park and that your foot is on the brake before allowing the motor to ignite.

For included protection, a few designs require you to flick or turn a switch before squeezing the start button. Also, the key fob must be inside the vehicle so the motor starts.

Other advantages

Plus other advantages, these systems can deter car break-ins and vehicle theft. Because the vehicle’s computer will only recognize a sign from its fob, it will make it much difficult for burglars to break-in and start the motor.

You can copy the key and bypass the mechanical steering lock because there’s none to defeat.

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  1. Since my father usually forgets his car keys when going out of his car, I’m planning to consider getting him a keyless entry installation. What I like the most about this system is that it offers convenience, like what you said. So whenever my father carries a lot of stuff, it would be easier for him to enter the car.

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