Keyless Electronic Door Locks

Keyless electronic door locks can make your life simpler by removing the requirement for physical keys. Our expert locksmiths in Kissimmee recognize that these digital locks will enhance your property security, besides saving you time and cash. Therefore, you don’t need to make spare keys after your employees lose one or change the locks when an employee leaves the business every time. Rather, you change their code from your management system negating their entry.

You have many alternatives regarding keyless electronic door locks, consider contacting our 24 Hours Locksmith for help. We can help you pick the one that is perfect for your business function. Read below more insights regarding the unique kinds of keyless door locks and their features, and more.

Keypad/combination locks

Electronic Door Locks

A keypad/combination lock model requires a code to open the entryway. A locksmith can easily install and maintain them, and you can provide various codes to many users. You can change the code whenever you want, permitting you to control the access to your property.

A few models have protective features, for example, keypads that shut down after they have entered the wrong code multiple times. Also, other modern models have a touch screen, but some have physical buttons too. Some combination keypad locks use a PIN combined with another lock, for example, deadbolts or handles.

Keyless/smart locks

Keyless and smart locks are popular choices. They permit you to connect your locks over a Wi-Fi connection, so you can control your locks from anywhere through a mobile application or remote. But, unless you buy your locks as a major part of a smart home package, they may not bring a dedicated mobile application.

Many smart locks offer Bluetooth capacity, which can open your doors once you get inside a specific distance. You may use your cellphone or a key fob and also tap the sensor to open the door.

Key fobs/cards

smart lock card reader

Key fobs or key cards can open your Bluetooth or radio frequency identification (RFID)-empowered smart lock. You touch the fob or card against the lock sensor to disarm it.

You can program your key fob and cards to open different locks. For instance, one key fob can give you access to the front, side, and office doors in your building.

Biometric locks

Biometric locks are popular door locks. You can open your lock with your fingerprint or having your eye scanned. These are secured locks since fingerprints are unique and difficult to replicate. It’s likewise a helpful choice for people who don’t want to carry a key fob or key which means they will always have access.

Fingerprint door locks function by scanning your finger and changing it into a numerical template that tells the system to open the door. Since this system depends on connectivity, search for a model with a backup option like a keypad or mechanical lock. If the lock can’t scan your fingerprint, then you’ll still have a way to enter.

Many models have storing limits of 100 fingerprints, so a small company may benefit from the installation of a few biometric locks.

How to pick your electronic keyless door locks?

smart lock tecnology

While picking an electronic keyless door lock, choose the type of lock that suits your business needs. A keypad lock often works well when you don’t want to give individuals physical keys, fobs, or access cards.

Consider how many codes you will require; some models are limited by the number of codes they can handle. You additionally need to consider if you need a mobile application that permits you to lock or open your doors, get mobile alerts, or controls your locks remotely.

Then, figure out which features you absolutely need and which ones you don’t require. Lastly, what credentials do you need, for example, key fobs, a cell phone application, key cards, or something else?

Low-battery indicator

Regardless of the electronic keyless door locks you pick, search for one that has a low-battery indicator that alerts you when the battery needs replacement. A few models have an indicator light that shows up.

But, with different locks, it may have a slower response time or require various attempts to open the door. It is a significant highlight since it will assist you in preventing a lockout because of a dead battery.

Integration of keyless electronic door locks

Consider which integration you’ll require. Many individuals like to have their door locks integrated with Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, Wink, or SmartThings, yet not all locks can do that.

Likewise, consider whether you want to connect the lock with a security system, cameras, alarms, plus more.

Keyless electronic door locks are durable

Durability is critical since the lock will face the outdoor elements, some locks are vulnerable to climate variations and burglar attacks. So, check if the lock is waterproof, cold-proof, heat resistant, etc. Also, ask if there are any security features that prevent burglary.


The cost of a keyless electronic door lock depends on usefulness, features, installation, connectivity, and required hardware, besides the lock model and brand.

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