Ignition Switch Problems and Solutions

Orlando Locksmith comprehends the ignition switch system has significant parts that ensure smooth functioning of the car’s motor. The ignition switch is usually found in the column of the steering wheel and employed to crank the engine. However, the same as other parts, you’ll find lots of ignition-switch problems that interfere with the smooth functioning of the motor automobile.

Some of these problems could be repaired using a DIY. However, some jobs are too delicate for a novice so you will have to find a professional automotive locksmith in Orlando for the job. If you do the gig and do it wrong, you’ll pay more at the end!

So, let’s take a look at some of the ignition switch problems and their solutions:

Broken key within the ignition-switch

broken key with ignition switch

It’s strongly encouraged to find a locksmith to remove the key. Once removed you can make work of an extra key if you have one. Otherwise, have the expert make a fresh one made out of the old broken key.

However, if you don’t have an extra key and the specialist can’t make one from the busted one, then the only real solution is to get a brand new lock cylinder and passkey. If your auto has a smart key, you would need to get a key programmed for the vehicle. Most mobile locksmiths can do the job, but you will have to wait a little while.

Manufacturer Defect

The other various ignition switches failures come from the factory as manufacturer defects. Most car makers will give a warranty for the parts but only if the car is still under warranty.

If not, an experienced automotive locksmith could repair the issue. Sometimes there some models who have these problems so do some research before buying.

Wrong or Worn-out Key

wrong or worn out key

It has happened to everyone as were in a hurry and we crank the starter with the wrong key ruining both passkey and the ignition. Also, metal keys are susceptible to tear and wear. While they lose material, keys eventually become less useful and finally quit working. Maybe the spare key works only if the ignition is not worn. If it works, the issue is solved and is not the ignition switch.

A situation like not having a spare have arisen, and the locksmith will have to make a key with a key code from the operator’s manual. The experts will make sure it cut correctly and functioning well. Lastly, if the spares don’t work or the new set of passkeys, then the starter switch needs replacing.

Jammed Up or Worn-out Wafers

Every ignition-switch has a pair of wafers that are exceptional to the key cuts. After a time these parts need replacing, become full of dirt and grime affecting the ignition switch to malfunction. It’s likely to only need a cleaning without needing a replacement; merely clean the wafers.

Ignition-switch doesn’t turn when you insert the key

ignition switch doesn't turn when you insert the key

On occasion, the ignition switch won’t turn despite entering the key. If it occurs, try churning the steering wheel back and forth. Sometimes it’s stuck because one of the wheels remain set at an angle against the curb.

It ultimately puts a lot of stress onto the steering linkage which could bind the starter switch and the column lock. Add lubricant if the predicament is a binding switch, employing a nonconductive oil like aerosol electronic cleaner or dialect silicon grease can save the day.

Transponder-Key communication problems

A transponder-key malfunction light indicator means the computer chip has both lost its program or it’s lost its functions. There are only two options; to reprogram the present key, or replicate the current cuts and program an entirely new key.

After you turn off the engine, the key fails to come out

after you turn off the engine the key fails to come out

This problem happens by binding in the steering column so consider wiggling the steering wheel forward and backward until you feel a click to the locked position. Now, you could take the passkey out of the starter. If the key doesn’t come out, then it might be a busted column locking mechanism.

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