How can Senior Citizens Burglar Proof Their Home against Intruders?

Locksmith near me knows that is tough for caregivers or family members to burglar-proof a home for senior citizens. Home is the place senior citizens should feel the most secure.

However, since many seniors live alone, have debilitating physical abilities, and have less understanding of modern technology, they can become easy objectives to burglars and thieves.

Do you have an old loved one who might be vulnerable to criminal offenses? Then, read our Locksmith in Kissimmee, FL, tips to find the most ideal ways senior citizens can burglar-proof their home against burglary?

Why do criminals target senior citizens?

Mental and Physical Health: One of the most common reasons burglars attack seniors is that elderly people live alone and are isolated from everyone. Plus, they may have mental or physical disabilities, making them easy targets for criminals.

Senior citizens can fall to a wide range of scams and telephone tricks that the younger crowd will ignore or know about. As people get older, criminals may think their chances of fighting back may lower to zero.

Predictability: Seniors will usually stick to the same routines, making it simple for a criminal to know when they won’t be home.

Area: Seniors will live close to towns so they don’t need to walk or drive far to get food supplies and see their doctor.  Cities have higher rates of crime than rural areas.

Lack of Crime Reporting: Often, seniors that live alone won’t go to the police or remember the incident. So, police can prosecute the criminal, making it simpler for the criminal to get away from prosecution.

How can senior citizens protect themselves?

deadbolt lock

Properties without security deterrents have more chances of getting attacked than those properties that have them in place. Therefore, read our straightforward security recommendations that can have huge effects on protecting a seniors’ home from robbery, burglary, and theft.

  • Keeping doors and windows locked at all times. Burglars usually enter through an open or unlocked window or door. Thus, this is one of the main security weaknesses senior citizens should address.
  • Sturdy exterior doors need a deadbolt lock to fight off burglar forced entry techniques like kicking. 72% of burglars will enter through a door or window, which makes strong wood or metal doors a wise investment. Likewise, having a sturdy lock that can withstand lock-picking and forced entry attacks will increase the security level of the property.
  • Mounting a door peephole means seniors will know who is on the other side of the door without having to open it.
  • Fortified windows. Any windows that are located on the ground floor of your property, or that can be easily reached by a burglar need a sturdy lock. Some locksmith can replace the manufacture’s latch to a sturdy lock easily. Also, you can place a security film and a sturdier lock on a patio door to increase security.
  • Great outside lighting. A dark home around evening time can give a signal to criminals to attack. Things like accent lights, string lights, wall lighting, and motion-activated lights will assist seniors with protecting their homes against burglary.
  • Inside lighting. Often, by leaving a light on night time will deter burglars from wanting to break into a property.
  • Keep valuables away from the window and the views from strangers. Seniors should use window curtains, drapes, or blinds to prevent snooping individuals from attempting to look inside.

Installing a CCTV Security System can help seniors burglar-proof their home

CCTV Security System

CCTV cameras can permit you to monitor a home besides helping keep burglars and thieves at bay– telling them that a property is protected.

Below are some advantages of installing a CCTV security system on a property of a senior citizen:

Senior citizens might be vulnerable to untrusted caregivers and clinical staff that steal or beat them. Well, while most are trusted, it’s smarter to have a backup. The family members of senior citizens can install surveillance cameras to prevent burglary and caregiver attacks in the home.

If you want privacy at home, you can shut the camera off.

You can watch the property through a dedicated application on your cell phone, tablet, or computer, regardless of your location. A monitor service can help out too with the tracking unapproved individuals if the senior citizen can work the electronics.

The infrared LED night vision ensures that you have a secure property 24/7.

Need assistance with the installation method, call a locksmith in Kissimmee today!

Our expert locksmiths in Kissimmee can install a sturdy traditional lock, smart lock, and a security system.

That should give you peace of mind knowing that your parents are safe from criminals who want to take advantage of them.

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