Four Types of Locker Locks That Thieves Like To Pick

Locksmith in Orlando expert and many customers understand padlocks are mobile locking devices. They could secure our lockers, bicycles, sheds, along with other valuables. They arrive in an endless number of settings and controlled with keys, numbered dials, push buttons, as well as digital access.

They come designed with many levels of security that vary. For example, from a low level to some that carry high-security ratings that can be exceedingly hard to open. Who has ever visited a gym “knows” about locker room padlocks and many found the hard way how easy it is for thieves to bypass a low-security lock losing all their valuables. Locker rooms utilize several distinct sorts of locks to safeguard lockers.

Nevertheless, Orlando locksmith specialists believe many will not safeguard your things like the story of lost valuables.

Fitness center woes

fitness center woes

Many people visit health centers that have personal lockers for associates to keep clothing and valuables — for instance, wallets or purses, and, expensive things like smartphones and jewelry. Many fitness centers have locker doors that use mechanical or digital combination locks. However, frequently the member brings their padlocks.

Now, most facilities have experienced theft as it’s a significant problem. So get a padlock right? Yes and no, like the story above, crooks can crack inexpensive locks but getting a top padlock can change everything.

The truth, many kinds of locks exist today that shouldn’t get used for locker security:

TSA-approved luggage locks

tsa approved luggage locks

TSA locks role is to secure bag against theft while transiting throughout the airports. They’re worthless as security devices since TSA agents can open them with a master key when looking at your luggage. TSA opens the locks with master keys which aren’t expected to be accessible to customers. The TSA approved padlocks may be opened using one of six TSA keys which agents have at each luggage screening area.

The keys for these locks use a low-security wafer mechanism. It means they offer weak security and quite simple to pick and manipulate open. A plastic designed key could open these locks. Even more dangerous the TSA master keys could be bought online or by specialized vendors.

Warded padlocks

They are instantly recognizable by the zigzag keyway since it’s different than the other kinds of mechanism. Security relies upon a warded locking mechanism that’s remarkably easy to beat. The design of these locks dates back to the Roman Empire.

It consists of inner obstructions or wards that block the key from turning and activation of the spring that retains the shackle. The right key should possess cutouts that correspond to the position of every internal ward. Even though it seems complex, but, all you need is a master key for these locks. Then cut a blank key with just an active tip.

Three and four-digit combination padlocks

three and four digit commbination padlocks

These padlocks have stayed popular and require the turning of every thumb-wheel into the correct number. You see these devices used on motorcycle and computers locks. However, many can be effortlessly deciphered with a rather thin, flat piece of metal, wire, paper, or possibly a cut strip of alloy out of a beer can. Depending on the locks security features, the locks may be deciphered and opened in a couple of minutes.

Electronic and mechanical combinations lock attached to the locker door

Many centers are deploying electronic and mechanical combination locks that come attached to the locker door. It usually needs the turning of four wheels to program an exceptional code for unlocking and locking.

Customers favored the digital lock, even though they require maintenance to replace batteries. Now, the mechanical types often give consumer issues with combination settings, and the capacity of thieves to quickly open them.



You need to make sure a padlock locking mechanism cannot easily tamper. For example, by picking, manipulation, bumping, torque, or techniques like force. A fantastic mix of pin tumbler padlock is encouraged, for example, Master Lock, Abus, Stanley, and, Kwikset Smart key have many versions available.

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