Don’t Make These Home Security Mistakes

Locksmith in Orlando experts understands that keeping your house safe and protected is more than merely installing a burglar alarm and locking your doors. The truth, house security is a matter that you’ll need to address sooner or later.

When will you address the issue of security before or following a criminal attack? Orlando Locksmith technicians believe that it’s time to take your house’s safety more seriously and ensure your existing deterrents are well planned to execute correctly. However, many times the homeowner is the culprit of their demise.

So below are the most common mistakes that homeowners need to stop doing:

Not locking doors and windows

not locking doors and windows

The vast majority of individuals lock their doors at night since they believe most burglaries occur during the night. However, many break-ins occur between 10 AM morning and 3 PM during the afternoon when people are not home. Thieves will often acquire entry by looking like a salesperson or delivery, which provides them the chance to knock on a front door and also examine weaknesses or deterrents.

Usually, the door or window was left open since the homeowner went on a 15-minute errand. For example, to the grocery store or pick-up the kids. So the burglar could take anything they need as 15 minutes is more than enough time to cause sufficient monetary losses. When you leave home, please lock the door and windows!

Use your alarm system

Not every house has an alarm, but being a lucky homeowner who has one, then you should certainly make use of it. Many property owners don’t equip their alarms throughout the afternoon, and that’s why a vast majority of break-ins occur during the day. So utilize your alarm system, and you might avert a burglary since thieves don’t like security cameras and alerts or noise.

Do not post on social media you’re going on vacation

do not post on social media you're going on vacation

We have all heard about the risk of publicizing that you are thousands of miles away on vacation. Thieves rely on social websites to know when people go on trips and leave their homes unattended and vulnerable.

They love the part where the homeowner or family member announces how long will the trip take. While it’s tempting to discuss holiday photos, it’s asking for trouble. Make excellent memories but wait until you get home to talk on social media.

Replacing or rekeying locks while moving to a new place

Changing or rekeying the locks remains a standard part of relocation or when you move to a new location. Nonetheless, you need to realize you must change the locks when you move inside your new house or you will leave the house exposed. Do not allow that mistake to happen as the previous homeowner could have kept a spare key and one key could fall into the wrong hands.

The only individuals with the capability to enter your house need to be you and anybody you reside with that you trust. A fantastic locksmith at Local-Lock LLC can change your locks with no inconvenience, updating your safety and reassuring you.

Do not leave valuables close to the windows

Pretty straightforward advice of information but you would be amazed by how many homeowners fail to understand the magnet valuables are to burglars. Leaving valuable on your window sills or within the view of the road can be just too enticing for many thieves.

When possible, keep valuables out of sight and never leave an open ground-floor window unlocked. If people could see inside from the road, it’s worth mentioning to invest in some drapes, blinds, or event tints to protect your possessions from view.

Not canceling deliveries before leaving on vacation

not canceling deliveries before going on vacation

Leaving on a trip for a couple of days to relax remains a good thing for many people. However, to make sure you don’t come home to a break-in, make an effort to make your house seem alive.

A pile of newspapers sticking from your letterbox and several unopened milk bottles in your front step would be the ideal advertisement for an unoccupied home. Try to pause your deliveries until you return, and ask a close friend or neighbor to keep a lookout on your home.

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