Keyless Electronic Door Locks

Types of Keyless Electronic Door Locks

Keyless electronic door locks can make your life simpler by removing the requirement for physical keys. Our expert locksmiths in Kissimmee recognize that these digital locks will enhance your property security, besides saving you time and cash. Therefore, you don’t need to make spare keys after your employees lose one or change the locks when an employee leaves the business every time. Rather, you change their code from your management system negating their entry.

You have many alternatives regarding keyless electronic door locks, consider contacting our 24 Hours Locksmith for help. We can help you pick the one that is perfect for your business function. Read below more insights regarding the unique kinds of keyless door locks and their features, and more.

Keypad/combination locks

Electronic Door Locks

A keypad/combination lock model requires a code to open the entryway. A locksmith can easily install and maintain them, and you can provide various codes to many users. You can change the code whenever you want, permitting you to control the access to your property.

A few models have protective features, for example, keypads that shut down after they have entered the wrong code multiple times. Also, other modern models have a touch screen, but some have physical buttons too. Some combination keypad locks use a PIN combined with another lock, for example, deadbolts or handles.

Keyless/smart locks

Keyless and smart locks are popular choices. They permit you to connect your locks over a Wi-Fi connection, so you can control your locks from anywhere through a mobile application or remote. But, unless you buy your locks as a major part of a smart home package, they may not bring a dedicated mobile application.

Many smart locks offer Bluetooth capacity, which can open your doors once you get inside a specific distance. You may use your cellphone or a key fob and also tap the sensor to open the door.

Key fobs/cards

smart lock card reader

Key fobs or key cards can open your Bluetooth or radio frequency identification (RFID)-empowered smart lock. You touch the fob or card against the lock sensor to disarm it.

You can program your key fob and cards to open different locks. For instance, one key fob can give you access to the front, side, and office doors in your building.

Biometric locks

Biometric locks are popular door locks. You can open your lock with your fingerprint or having your eye scanned. These are secured locks since fingerprints are unique and difficult to replicate. It’s likewise a helpful choice for people who don’t want to carry a key fob or key which means they will always have access.

Fingerprint door locks function by scanning your finger and changing it into a numerical template that tells the system to open the door. Since this system depends on connectivity, search for a model with a backup option like a keypad or mechanical lock. If the lock can’t scan your fingerprint, then you’ll still have a way to enter.

Many models have storing limits of 100 fingerprints, so a small company may benefit from the installation of a few biometric locks.

How to pick your electronic keyless door locks?

smart lock tecnology

While picking an electronic keyless door lock, choose the type of lock that suits your business needs. A keypad lock often works well when you don’t want to give individuals physical keys, fobs, or access cards.

Consider how many codes you will require; some models are limited by the number of codes they can handle. You additionally need to consider if you need a mobile application that permits you to lock or open your doors, get mobile alerts, or controls your locks remotely.

Then, figure out which features you absolutely need and which ones you don’t require. Lastly, what credentials do you need, for example, key fobs, a cell phone application, key cards, or something else?

Low-battery indicator

Regardless of the electronic keyless door locks you pick, search for one that has a low-battery indicator that alerts you when the battery needs replacement. A few models have an indicator light that shows up.

But, with different locks, it may have a slower response time or require various attempts to open the door. It is a significant highlight since it will assist you in preventing a lockout because of a dead battery.

Integration of keyless electronic door locks

Consider which integration you’ll require. Many individuals like to have their door locks integrated with Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, Wink, or SmartThings, yet not all locks can do that.

Likewise, consider whether you want to connect the lock with a security system, cameras, alarms, plus more.

Keyless electronic door locks are durable

Durability is critical since the lock will face the outdoor elements, some locks are vulnerable to climate variations and burglar attacks. So, check if the lock is waterproof, cold-proof, heat resistant, etc. Also, ask if there are any security features that prevent burglary.


The cost of a keyless electronic door lock depends on usefulness, features, installation, connectivity, and required hardware, besides the lock model and brand.

How has your Local Locksmith Grown during the Growth of Technology?

local locksmith providing key services

A local locksmith is one of the oldest professions in the US and today, even your locksmith in Orlando hasn’t escaped the impact of innovation. Yes, the business sure isn’t slowing down but just changing. Like every other industry that ends up being molded by innovation.

From the way people communicate via smartphones to the ways we protect our homes, the constant advancement of innovation has affected all parts of our lives. Thus, changing how we get things done every day.

Comprehensively technology has transformed many industries, and the home security industry is no exception. Locksmith near me has advanced extraordinarily in the previous decades to where it’s not just about locks and keys.

Pushed by the growing number of uses of technology, your local locksmith industry has advanced into the broader home security field and now covers more solutions. If you want to become more familiar with this subject, continue reading below.

Your Local Locksmith can install smart locks

The rise of smart locks is a prime example of how innovation can help us secure our homes simpler and more convenient.

The growing popularity of smartphones has made this possible, the present-day smart locks have advanced past the traditional mechanical keys and locks.

By using the smart lock applications on their smartphones, homeowners can rapidly gain access without the need to carry physical keys. This also helps people who lose keys by allowing entry via the cellphone.

A Local Locksmith can install digital lock systems

digital lock system-card reader

They may appear like something from SCI-FI, but now they’re here and we use them every day throughout the world. Local locksmiths all over the world have to deal with installation and replacements concerning digital lock systems.

Many people are seeing these locks benefits and investing in their use for companies and even in their homes. They are correct to invest in these digital locks with the immense innovative security that it can bring them.

We currently use this lock more because it allows you to use a code to enter the property. Plus, you can offer the code to anyone that requires entry to get to the property.

Yes, even in the hotels business, it’s common to see digital locks that use a card as they are faster and more secure than using standard keys and the operator can change the codes frequently after every visitor has left.



Besides locks and keyless lock systems, the present locksmith industry also covers the installation and maintenance of HD-CCTV devices which have gotten popular among homeowners. Usually, these surveillance systems are better equipped to fight commercial and office burglaries but today found it’s way into homes.

No enormous surprise, considering HD surveillance cameras capture high-definition video surveillance footage 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Also, surveillance cameras currently come with many features, including remote live viewing through a smartphone. And also two-way communication between the individual monitoring the video stream and the one in front of the camera.

Burglar Alarm Systems

According to a 2013 study, an alarm can deter burglars from targeting a property.

Also, the rise of innovation has made it workable for owners to control their alarm systems remotely through a smartphone and get an alert when someone triggers the alarm.

Those keen on advancing their home security can choose a wireless or a traditional wired alarm system. However, you can connect the burglar alarms with smart locking devices which can fall under locksmith’s expertise.

For example, you could connect the Yale Keyfree Connected smart lock with the Yale Easy Fit Alarm, permitting clients to open their door using the Yale Alarm application on their cellphones.

Emergency 24 hours Local Locksmith Services

Local Lock LLC your Local Locksmith in Orlando!

Back then, there were few 24 hours locksmiths or emergency locksmiths in Orlando. It was difficult to contact a locksmith at night, so any issue experienced past the standard working day would need to wait until morning. This would have caused serious security issues for cars, businesses, and homeowners who experience a break-in or a lockout late night.

Today, everything is better: the IoT (Internet of Things) has made it possible to contact a locksmith at night, providing necessary relief to abandoned and scared clients. In only a couple of minutes, using your cell phone, you can find and call a local locksmith.

Today’s local locksmiths

Therefore, innovation hasn’t passed through the locksmith industry. Your traditional locksmith is not backing down or going away.

Your locksmith in Orlando, it’s adapting to today’s innovation and growing with the times. By incorporating more home security solutions, Locksmithing will stay relevant and needed in the general security landscape.

This is an excellent time for the local locksmith to showcase their skills. So, if you need to keep up-to-date with the development in the security industry, follow our blog.

Why Call an Emergency Locksmith in Orlando?

Emergency Locksmith in Orlando

Orlando Locksmith experts know people don’t understand the value of an emergency locksmith in Orlando service until they face an “emergency”.

If you have lost your keys, you know how annoying and frightful these incidents can be to the mind. It’s awful to stand outside of a locked car or home door waiting for someone to bring you an extra key to let you in to your vehicle or home. Also, imagine a scenario in which there isn’t anyone who has an extra key. Don’t worry, regardless of the circumstance you’re in, you are not alone.

In this blog, we wrote four lockout situations when you shouldn’t waste time and immediately call an emergency locksmith service.

Call an Emergency Locksmith in Orlando when you experience a home lockout

key stuck in lock-home lockout service

When you can’t enter your property is unhappy and irritating but don’t panic. Also, don’t attempt to break a window since this will put you at risk of injury. It’s not worth the effort unless there’s a fire and you have your child or pet inside!

So what do you do now? If you don’t have any close friends or family members that can bring you an extra key to your home, you can call a locksmith for a home lockout.

A few locksmiths can help you in under 30 minutes. So it’s ok to sit tight for help instead of attempting to break-in yourself. This could bring damage to your door, lock, or window, which can cost a lot of cash to fix.

Call an Emergency Locksmith in Orlando when you experience a break-in

Other than losing valuables, experiencing a burglary can likewise cause emotional harm and leave you feeling vulnerable and insecure in your own home.

It’s ok to feel vulnerable, but the quicker you work to move on, the quicker you’ll restore that feeling of total control and protection in your home.

We recommend contacting a local emergency locksmith who can fix the damage lock or doorframe as quickly as possible.

Regardless of the intruder damaged your door or locks, locksmiths can repair your door equipment to secure your home. They can upgrade your locks and recommend other security deterrents too.

Usually, they’ll show up at your home inside 30 minutes.

Call a locksmith when you’re missing the keys to your home 

Misplaced keys-call an emergency locksmith in Orlando

This is another annoying situation when it’s essential to call an Orlando locksmith. Particularly, if you think someone has taken your keys, it’s critical to have your locks replaced immediately. But you can also opt for a cheaper service which is called rekeying. Rekeying allows you to keep the lock but the interior mechanism is obsolete, not permitting the use of the original key.

This will help keep intruders from having easy access and give you true serenity knowing you protected your house again.

Call an Emergency Locksmith in Orlando when you can’t lock your door

Imagine this situation: its Friday payday and you’re in a rush to get your check at work but you need to drop your children off at school. As you’re getting out the door in a hurry, you realize you can’t lock the door to your home.

Often, there are many reasons behind a door lockout. For example:

  • The key got stuck or won’t turn in the lock. If you ever experience this circumstance, don’t force the key, as it could bend and break inside the lock mechanism. Instead, call a locksmith; they will know how to deal with this issue without causing more damage.
  • The key broke inside the lock since you gave it a lot of force. An expert emergency locksmith will have both the essential equipment and skill to remove the key and then cut a key on the spot.
  • Often, you have a lock with a faulty mechanism. When you have a broken or worn-out lock, a few parts will need replacement or replaced altogether. Once more, this situation is best left in the hands of an expert.

You need new locks installed

digital door lock installed by an expert emergency locksmith

You don’t always require an emergency locksmith in Orlando because of a lockout. Often, you need a little assistance in dealing with other emergencies. For example, perhaps your locks are obsolete and worry that your home security is lacking and now has become an easy target for burglars.

An emergency locksmith can install new modern locks, for example, smart locks or electronic locks that need a password. Besides, it can give you convenience and negate the worry of losing your keys. 

Call your local Locksmith

Emergency circumstances happen suddenly, so it’s an excellent idea to have a trusted locksmith in your contact list, to be safe.

Local Lock LLC provides customers 24-hour services 7 days a week. So if a crisis shows its ugly face, don’t waste time contact us.

Entry Door Lock Manipulation Techniques That Burglas Use to Break-in

Entry Door Lock Manipulation

As Locksmith in Orlando experts, we know burglars may try a method to gain access usually through a entry door lock manipulation technique.The clearest sign they have manipulated your lock is noticeable dents and scratches around the keyhole.

Remember that if the break-in was ineffective during the first try, the criminal will come more prepared the second time. Therefore, knowing some indications of a potential break-in can assist you in better dealing with these circumstances later on.

Allow our locksmith Orlando team to show you what to look for.

Scratches can mean entry door lock manipulation

locksmith picking a lock

Wear and tear are normal for locks which see a lot of usages. However, scratches and deep cuts close to the edges of the lock might be signs of an intrusion.

If your deadbolt lock looks out of place or has scratches along the keyhole, then lock picking seems like the culprit. Scratches might be a sign that someone has tried to lock picked the lock.

Lock picking or the pickers try to manipulate the tumblers of the lock device to open the entryway without the original key. This is complete by using many other tools.

Among these tools, picks and screwdrivers with sharp points can frequently press along the edges of the door lock. This method can show shiny metal scratches on its surface and major clue that indicates someone has tampered with the lock.

An excellent solution for lock picking issues is to replace your traditional door locks with smart locks. They offer more protection against lock picking and lock bumping techniques by eliminating the requirement for a key. If you rather have a traditional lock then opt for a high-security lock with anti-pick and anti-bump features.

The lock doesn’t work correctly

If the lock doesn’t have any noticeable indications of damage, you may see something odd when the key turns. This could be a sign that someone tried to manipulate the lock particularly when the lock was working correctly before.

A faulty key can mean lock bumping and snapping, burglars usually use these strategies to break through locks. Bumping uses a special key that fits inside the lock and afterward by hitting it with a blunt device like a hammer forces the tumblers to release.

Snapping a lock is a significantly less complex technique, where the criminal uses a hammer with a tool that can hold the protruding part of the lock. They do this to break the lock, rendering its security useless.

Lock snapping commonly happens in locks that match the Euro Cylinder profile, normally found in uPVC entryways.

Damaged Lock

damaged door lock

Brute force will damage locks and the entire door. Therefore, this is the fastest and messiest type of break-in. Frequently a criminal will attempt to bash in a lock, drill through a deadbolt, or kick down an entryway, leaving bent metal and broken wood everywhere. There are other approaches to force through a lock but you can also look for some of these indications below of unnatural wear.

Top indications of brute force:

  • Paint circles from lock commotion (loosened and re-tightened or out of place)
  • Bent deadbolts or latches
  • Warped doors/doorframes
  • Drill points or drill scratches

Brute force leaves destruction that can leave a homeowner with the setback of a break-in but also with the cost of fixing a door lock and equipment to prevent another attack.

This circumstance can cause a lot of pain so get true serenity by installing CCTV surveillance cameras. They are perfect for monitoring the premises and work superbly at deterring criminals from attempting a burglary. But, make sure to point the cameras at the exterior doors and that they’re visible too.

Entry door lock manipulation prevention tips

Since now you know the signs of an attempted break-in, you can think about some options for rectifying the issue. Probably the most ideal approach to dealing with lock manipulation is to upgrade to an electronic or smart lock, which relies little on tumblers and pins.

You can likewise use a sliding bolt or a device that stops people from turning a deadbolt much after they open it. Also, buy a high-security lock with high metal content and many features that prevent brute force attacks besides adding a sturdy metal door plate.

Locksmith Orlando has the solution!

entry door lock manipulation prevention tips

So, do you want to risk a second round? The Orlando locksmith team is here to assist you with keeping your home and family protected from entry door lock manipulation techniques. Are you looking to install a security system or mount a high-security lock?

We’re here to help you with finding the best items and the right solutions. We have many years of experience in home security with positive client satisfaction.

Restricted Key System Top Advantages for Security Minded People

Advantages of a Restricted Key System

Orlando locksmiths can set up a restricted key system to help our clients lock and secure important items. Buildings, homes, assets, documents, records, and money are things people need to secure from criminals. A few people lose their keys or disgruntled workers don’t return their keys. So, the chances of unapproved people finding those keys or copying them can put your property in danger.

Only a trusted emergency locksmith in Orlando has the permission and experience to make a restricted key system. This will ensures your keys will never get duplicated without your approval. This will then provide your property with higher security. You can find these registered key systems in different security levels and setups to suit your individual or property needs.

Regardless if you want to limit access to a specific part of your business premises for the staff or you need a more secure security solution for your home, using a restricted key system can be useful, beneficial, and safe. Here are a couple more advantages if you’re thinking about setting up a restricted key system:

Higher-Security Locks

restricted key system provides your locks more security

People like a restricted key system for the higher level of security it provides. As crime rates increase or even decrease for commercial and home properties, it’s essential to use more security measures.

Yes, there are many security systems you can implement, but the use of restricted key access is one secure alternative to consider. The system uses security blanks that you can get and replicate from only a trusted Orlando locksmith business that works in restricted or master key systems.

It means unauthorized people can’t copy your keys without approvals. Locks will have better security too, as restricted key lowers the chances of accidental openings with an incorrect key.

Restricted key system provides limited copies and security key blanks

One of the serious issues with standard keys is that someone can take them without permission or lost and then replicated. This can bring unapproved access to your home or business. However, this won’t happen with restricted key access.

Security key blanks are patent protected, which means it registers the specific design of the key and ensures the key producer can’t create another duplicate of the same design.

This secured system works by “restricting” the accessibility of the key(s) to just those approved—and no trusted locksmith would duplicate another system.

You know the exact records of keys

home or business keys

When the locksmith cuts the right amount of keys, they accurately record the details. Just the assigned individuals can gain a duplicate of the restricted key. So, if you lose the key or it gets stolen, don’t worry, the unapproved individual can’t copy them.

The restricted key system uses security blanks that no one can replicate, only the Locksmith Company that first design it. The records that go with the key at your Locksmith guarantee that a business stays in places for key access.

Your locksmith keeps these records to remove the chances of someone making copy keys without your approval. Each key has a one of a kind issue and system number that goes into these records to identify the client. This will ultimately give an increased level of secure access.

An excellent system needs to have the option to adapt to your necessities and changing needs. Think about the number of keys to make, access each key holder requires, and your needs too.

A restricted key system gives better access control

better access control with a restricted key system

While using the system, you’re granting better access and control inside your home and business. You also have the opportunities to restrict the accessibility of the keys to only those approved. Or select a multi-level key system that can address the issues of various personnel inside a company or relative in the house.

Lock Pick Resistant

Since manufacturers design the restricted keys with a sharper warding, it’s considerably harder for someone to pick the lock. And that another blank key goes into the cylinder and opens it.

Probably the most concerning issue with standard keys and locks is that burglars can pick and lock-bump them. If you use a restricted key system, the locks and keys are meant to be ‘pick proof’ to remove any concerns of a burglar getting in.

When you upgrade the security of your home or commercial property, then consider installing this system with the help of Orlando locksmith’s expert at Local Lock LLC.