5 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Doesn’t Work Right

Since we are residential and commercial garage door service professionals, we have handled many problems when it comes to garage door repair. Still, some issues continue to surprise, such as the insect nesting on the photo-eye sensor.

It’s nothing that garage door support pros like us cannot manage through these issues are still rare! There are many times you could resolve the issue yourself, but the best way is to leave the worrying to us.

Knowing the problem can allow you to ascertain if it is time to call a garage door repair professional in Clearwater, FL or if it’s a DIY situation. Here, to assist you to fix your garage door difficulties we’ve gathered five troubleshoot garage door issues that have your carport not working:

Dead transmitter batteries

dead transmitter batteries

Although it may seem obvious to you, the garage door transmitters need power to do the job. The transmitter will not have the ability to send a signal to open or close if the batteries are dead.

Check the transmitter on the wall inside your garage to determine whether your garage door opens by pressing the button. If it does, then the car transmitter only requires a battery replacement.

Now, if you have more than one transmitter, then they will require new batteries because they also were bought around the same time. Changing the battery on the garage door is straightforward.

The photo-eye sensors are out of alignment

five reasons why your garage door doesn't work

This photo- eyes shoots an invisible beam between each other to detect if something or someone it’s in its way once it closes. The security measure prevents automated garage doors from falling on top of something (car) or a person and causing severe harm or damage to property.

The first thing to do will be to inspect the photo-eyes if you observe that the garage door opens but does not make any effort to close when you push a button on the remote. As times passes, these eyes will get dirty, inducing the light from the beam to get obstructed. They also can become misaligned, making the eyes not to match up on either side.

Be careful when cleaning the photo-eye, because it’s glass, very similar to that of a camera lens, you ought to take care to not scratch or damage the eye. The photo-eye glass is small, but it could get filthy very quickly.

You are going to require a soft cloth and a mild cleaner, to wash it. Gently wipe off any residue or dirt that has built upon the eye. Also, be cautious not to oversaturate the lens as excess wetness may cause dust to stick to the eye quickly.

It can be a critical matter if a garage door monitor is out of alignment

garage door monitor out of alignment

The metallic monitor your door works with has to be aligned properly to allow your door to move. You still have an issue, if you notice gaps between the railing and the rollers, or bends in the railings. These problems get worse by the door’s weight until it becomes harmful to run your doorway.

If the door moves, although the monitor isn’t aligned then there are many things that you can do to fix the problem. You will be aware of the doors misalignment when you hear a rubbing sound once the garage door open and closes on the tracks. The doorway sometimes will even slow down a little when it hits the rubbing spot.

To realign the track loosen the screws which hold the trail. Subsequently, tap on the path using a rubber mallet to transfer it back to the proper spot. But use a level to make sure it’s right. Tighten the screws firmly once the alignment is done to guarantee that there aren’t any more problems with the door. You will want to repeat the procedure too with the other tracks!

If the dilemma is not an issue of alignment, then you ought not to attempt to tackle this issue by yourself. A garage door repair specialist is going to have the equipment required to realign and fix your garage door. If the track misalignment is beyond repair, an expert will set up a new garage door monitor for you.

Broken torsion springs

If the garage door won’t move up and your sure electricity is getting to the motor, and the transmitters are operating correctly, then you could have busted torsion springs.

When you are home, you might hear a loud bang from within your garage. The hit is so loud that it might appear as a big firecracker went off in the garage. The garage doors are heavy, and regardless of anybody thinks it is not the garage door opener that does the lifting, but instead the door’s springs.

Garage doors include a couple of springs. The garage door opener will fight to lift the burden of the doorway or won’t open with a broken spring. Broken springs are dangerous to fix by yourself so call a garage door repair expert for support. Do not attempt to open the doorway before a specialist comes to examine it and then to replace the springs.

Accidental manual lock

accidental manual lock

Sometimes the garage door opener motor runs for only a couple of seconds then shuts off when you’re trying to open it then the garage door could accidentally be locked. If you have assessed the track along with the door springs and these items seem to be fine, then check whether the manual lock on the garage door is engaged.

Many older garage doors come with locks for extra security for your home. It looks like a knob or handles in the center of the door that uses two bars running horizontally. There might be a button on the side or the top of the handle you could press to slide the bar across the doorways locking the door from the interior.

It may be an accident to hit on the button so to unlock your door, turn the handle until you hear a clicking noise. The bars will move and fasten the handle in the open position.

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